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Many shotgun aficionados will argue that clays shooting is merely a warm-up act for winghooting.

After all, shotguns are designed to shoot upland birds and waterfowl. And clays originated as practice sports to keep your eyes and reflexes sharp for the real thing.

Wingshooting is rich in tradition and utility -- giving the sport a timeless quality. Whether it’s a driven shoot in Scotland, a train safari in Africa or hiking the plains of South Dakota, wingshooting takes you back to a more genteel and aristocratic age.

Mark time on the shotgun continuum and you’ll also see that the legendary craftsmen came of age with guns built to put game birds on the table.

Being out in the heather with your compatriots as the birds come flying toward you, and raise your shotgun to your shoulder…well that is what awaits you here. In this section you will find…

  • Upland shooting
  • Waterfowl shooting
  • Popular birds
    • Pigeons
    • Ducks
    • Geese
    • Grouse
    • Pheasant
    • Quail
  • Ammo
  • Special clothes
  • Recipes
  • Destinations
  • Equipment
    • Blinds
    • Calls
    • Decoys
    • Boats
  • Places to shoot

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