The Important Aspects of Shotgun Fit

To both novice and experienced shooters alike, the fit of a shotgun is paramount to accuracy, comfort, and safety, and can greatly impact the overall shooting experience. Whether for game shooting or clay pigeon shooting, a well-fitted shotgun can be the difference between successful shooting and missing your target. This article aims to delve deep into the importance of proper shotgun fit, the basics of shotgun fit, how to achieve the perfect shotgun fit, and potential issues with an improper shotgun fit.

A shotgun that fits properly will feel comfortable, natural, and almost an extension of your body. Essentially, it becomes a part of you, ensuring accuracy and control. The way a shotgun fits your body can have a significant impact on your shooting performance. It affects how quickly you can shoulder the gun, acquire the target, and fire accurately; all of which are crucial elements in clay shooting or hunting.

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The Different Grades of Walnut for Shotgun Stocks

When it comes to crafting the finest shotgun stocks, walnut wood has long been cherished for its strength, stability, and aesthetic appeal. However, not all walnut wood is created equal. In order to differentiate between the varying quality levels, a grading system has been established. Understanding this grading system is crucial for both shotgun enthusiasts and craftsmen alike

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Exclusive Excerpt from Don Currie’s New Book “Gunfitting: Achieving the Ideal Fit for the Game and Clay Shot”

Warning: Never use steel shot on a pattern plate; and, as always, eye and ear protection are essential. Lead shot flattens when it makes contact with the pattern plate and most of the time falls harmlessly to the ground following impact.

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