The Debate: Fixed Chokes vs. Screw-in Chokes – Unlocking the Secrets to Optimal Performance?

Fixed chokes and screw-in chokes are two popular options for shotgun enthusiasts looking to enhance firearm performance. While both chokes serve the same purpose of controlling shot dispersion and pattern, there has been an ongoing debate about which option is superior. In this article, we will delve into the performance differences between fixed chokes and screw-in chokes, unravel their pros and cons, and explore the best choke option to maximize your shooting experience.

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The History of Shotgun Chokes

Find any group of shooting men and women around a table and often the conversation will include “Chokes” and the vagaries of the mystic powers of choke.

The term “choke” applies to the inner bore diameter around the muzzle, which is generally smaller than the diameter at the breech. The difference in the diameters is typically measured in thousandths of an inch – ranging from 0.005 of an inch up to 0.040 of an inch.

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