Longthorne Gunmakers Developing All-Titanium 28-Gauge Expected to Weigh a Scant Three Pounds

Longthorne Gunmakers of Northampton, England has cemented its reputation for innovation since launching the business in 2008 by offering 100-percent, English-made shotguns with first-of-its-kind barrels machined from a single billet of steel – bucking the gunmaking establishment’s tradition of individual tubes joined through high-temperature soldering or brazing – or in rare exception laser-welded.

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Longthorne Gunmakers Launches Their First Side by Side, the Renaissance

[caption id="attachment_4371" align="alignnone" width=""]The Renaissance[/caption]

Longthorne Gunmakers of England announced their first side by side, called the Renaissance.

Like other Longthorne sidelock and boxlock shotguns, the side-by-side Renaissance has barrels machined from a single steel billet for improved accuracy, lower recoil and reduced muzzle flip on the second shot. The barrels, proofed for steel shot, are 100% English made at Longthorne’s factory in Northampton. 

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