As a member of the NSSA and NSCA you do not need to register for the forums as a new user. All you need to do is simply log in.

If you receive a message that says your email is in use that means you are registering as a new member. Instead, you should log in as an existing member. Please follow the directions below.

  • Step 1: Please go to the “Sign In” window.
  • Step 2: Under Username, enter your NSSA/NSCA membership ID number.
  • Step 3: Under Password, enter your NSSA/NSCA membership ID number plus the 2-letter postal code for your state in capital letters. For example, your password would be 123456TX, or 123456CA, or 123456MA. You should type it in exactly as it appears in these examples.
  • Step 4: Click on the box labeled “login.” You should notice that you are now logged in to the Forum.  AT THIS POINT WE URGE YOU TO IMMEDIATELY CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD TO ONE THAT IS MORE PERSONAL AND UNIQUE.

  • Step 5: Go to “User Menu” on your right.
  • Step 6: Click on “User Control Panel.”
  • Step 7: Click on the “Profile” tab on the top left.
  • Step 8: Click on “Edit account settings” on your left.
  • Step 9: If the email field is blank, please enter (and re-enter where prompted) your current email address.  If your current email address shows, continue to the next step.
  • Step 10: In the window “New password” enter your new, personal and unique password and then repeat it in the window “Confirm password.”
  • Step 11: In the window “Current password,” enter your assigned NSSA/NSCA password.
  • Step 12: Click on “Submit” on the bottom.
  • Step 13: You are now ready to participate in the official NSSA/NSCA forum.

If you have questions regarding your NSSA membership ID number, please contact Mary Masch at 210-688-3371 ext.112 or 210-254-1519 (direct line) or via email at

If you have questions regarding your NSCA membership ID number, please contact

Kimberly Gracia at 210-688-3371 ext.111 or 210-254-1513 (direct line) or via email at

If you’re experiencing any technical problems with the forum or would like to report inappropriate behavior in the forum please email

Thank you for your participation.