The Low-Gun Position Basics for Wing and Clays Shooting

The low-gun or ready position is a classic shooting stance honoring the traditions of bird hunting that is also used in sporting clays, FITASC and other clay sports that involve a wide variety of target presentations.

In the low-gun position, the butt of the shotgun is held low, under the armpit, with the barrel pointing slightly under the flight trajectory of the target. This position allows for greater flexibility and mobility, essential in situations where targets can come from any direction and at any speed. The low-gun stance also requires quick reflexes and sharp eyes, as the gun needs to be shouldered and fired in a measured, fluid motion.

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How to Succeed at FITASC

FITASC (Fédération Internationale de Tir aux Armes Sportives de Chasse) is a global shooting sport that tests the skill, accuracy, and endurance of competitors. This form of clay pigeon shooting tests competitors’ ability to accurately hit a variety of targets in a variety of situations. Excelling at this sport requires a firm grasp of the fundamentals, strategy, preparation, and the ability to avoid common mistakes. This article aims to guide you in mastering these aspects of FITASC.

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