Do High-Rib Shotguns Improve Your Performance?

High-rib shotguns, or simply ‘high-ribs’, are not your typical shotguns. They are characterized by an elevated rib—the part that guides your eye to the target—extending from the rear to the muzzle of the barrel. This heightened design is not just for aesthetics; it serves a key purpose. It allows the shooter to adopt a more upright, comfortable head position, reducing neck strain and promoting better posture. This comfort translates into more focused, accurate shooting sessions, the first step towards improving performance.

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The Advantages of Low-Recoil Shotgun Shells

Low-recoil shotgun shells, as the name implies, are designed to generate less recoil when fired. Recoil, often referred to as kickback, is the backward movement experienced when a firearm is discharged. This movement is a result of the law of physics that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In this case, as the shell is fired forward out of the barrel, the gun moves backward against the shooter’s shoulder or hands.

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Understanding the Shotgun Ready Position

Before delving into the specifics of the ready position for wing and clays shooting, it is crucial to establish a solid foundation through proper grip and stance. A firm grip on the shotgun ensures control and stability, minimizing the chance of recoil-induced errors. Additionally, a stance that promotes balance and agility is essential for quick maneuvering. Whether you prefer a modified isosceles or a Weaver stance, the key is to distribute your weight evenly between your feet, maintain a slightly bent knee position, and keep your upper body relaxed yet engaged.

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Analyzing the Significance of Foot Position in Clay Target Shooting

Foot position plays a crucial role in clay target shooting, a sport that requires tremendous precision and accuracy. It may seem surprising, but the alignment of the feet can significantly impact a shooter’s biomechanics, stability, and ultimately, their shooting performance. In this article, we will delve into the significance of foot position in clay target shooting, analyze the biomechanics and stability of different foot positions, and explore the impact of foot position on accuracy and consistency.

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How the SP Paraboloid Overcomes Eye Dominance Frustrations for Wing and Clays Shooters

Instinctive shooting is perfection in motion for the upland hunter. Hard focus on the flushed bird, an unwavering swing of your shotgun, and upon feeling the stock touch your cheek pull the trigger to experience the instant gratification of your downed quarry. In the end, instinctive refers to your innate ability to subconsciously calculate the forward allowance and essentially rely on the pull-trigger signal from your eyes without your mind performing the mathematical gymnastics that would normally muck up the shot.

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Shotgunning in the Automatic Mind: The Creation of the Most Beautiful Shotgun Instruction Book Ever Published

In 2001, Margaret Wilfley finally put her foot down. She was no longer going to be a bystander after watching her husband Mike and friends during a week in England shooting driven birds. She would learn shotgunning.  Mike knew she meant it and years of marriage told him that he needed to find an excellent coach rather than try to teach her himself. Friends recommended Warren Watson. From the very first lesson, it was clear why.

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