Ladies, how about a new gun for the old hunter? He may have a birthday coming up or maybe Father’s Day, or maybe “just because…” As you know, your hunter has been trying very, very hard not to look at another new gun. But how can he look the other way for the millionth time when his favorite sporting magazines are jammed with all the latest beauties in steel and walnut!  I’ll bet he’s been eyeing that Caesar Guerini for a while? Me, too. Gold inlaid pheasants, quail, woodcock…Drop dead gorgeous! And the fit? They were made for gunners who adore their wives…

How about the new F3 Blaser Baronesse? Crisp, clean, and smothered in scroll or engraved with art scenes – if you want. There’s plenty of choices to dress it up or dress it down. Personally, I prefer the one with mallards locked and committed on the side plates. Of course, there is the one with a pair of English setters on point with the gunner walking in for the flush. They are all laced in gold for that little something extra!

Like something a little more traditional? Something with a more “old New England” look? How about a custom-made little beauty to dress up the gun cabinet and make him sigh every time he holds her (and you) in his arms? Connecticut Shotgun’s got just the ticket! The new RBL-28 Round Action Game Gun. It will make him feel rich, humble, and lucky all at the same time. Like you, it is a perfect “ten” and he will love it!

Ok, maybe you are ready to move up to the top of the ladder. Good fortune has smiled on you both – again, and you are ready to give him a real treat. An investment that will only increase in value over time. One that nobody in your presence or his, will glance twice at, as your loader, with gloved hand, offers the first of a matched pair for the driven shoot. May I suggest the Holland & Holland – M’am? And not the “cheap ones” either. You want the real deal: A matched pr. of Royal Deluxe Sidelocks, in 12 bore, for just $175,000…

As you can see, there is something for everybody when it comes time to treat the man of your life to a new gun. Whatever your tastes (or his), whatever your budget, the heydays of gun manufacturing are now. However, if you run into me this season in the field, don’t feel too embarrassed if I’m carrying my old, pitted double I got for Christmas when I was ten years old. My Kreighoff or Boss or Purdey is probably back in London having a little work done on the triggers.

Happy shopping, my dear. And if you need a little help, just ask.

With all my love,

Capt. Dave

Capt. David Bitters is a writer/photographer and a striped bass/sea duck hunting guide from Massachusetts. His photos and essays have appeared in over one-hundred magazines. Capt. Bitters is currently finishing his first book, A Sportsman’s Fireside Reader – Tales of Hunting, Fishing, and Other Outdoor Pleasures. Contact him at or (781) 934-2838. You can also write him at P.O. Box 366 Duxbury, MA 02331