Peer Review

Peer Review presents an entirely new approach to shotgun reviews. We actually let real people, and not just the experts, get their hands on the guns we evaluate and share their opinions with Shotgun Life readers. The Peer Review participants are trusted, long-time shooting partners with the Shotgun Life staff. They are not affiliated with any gun manufacturer and take pride in presenting their objective, unbiased assessments to complement the introduction by Shotgun Life Publisher, Irwin Greenstein.

Written by Irwin Greenstein with the opinions of Lee Brown, Brett Eppard, Jim Freel, Rick Openshaw and Alessandro Vitale

“It’s like a true Italian woman standing in the room, your eyes immediately turn to it on the gun rack,” said Alessandro Vitale of the Benelli Legacy 28, admiring it after he just ran a perfect score of skeet with the 28-gauge semi-auto.

Shuck a pump gun and testosterone immediately triggers fireworks in the brain – even if the gun is specifically designed for women.

And that is exactly what happened when we shot the Ithaca Model 37 With Ladies Stock.

Written by Irwin Greenstein with the opinions of Stephen Biello, Debbie Clay, Barry Goff, Sr., Brad Landseadel, Elizabeth Lanier, Joe Notarfrancesco , Vero Ricci, Steve Toomey, Kent Witters, Carolinn Poucher Woody

Call me crazy, but when I started shooting the 12-gauge Krieghoff K-80 Pro Sporter the first thing that came to mind was not another shotgun – but a car.

And it wasn’t just any car, but the BMW X6 M sport utility vehicle.

What do the Krieghoff K-80 Pro Sporter and the BMW X6 M SUV have in common?

Essentially, they share an engineering philosophy that combines elements of their best products to create a new paradigm that delivers stunning results.

Written by Irwin Greenstein with the opinions of Terry Crawford, Rick Cundiff, Josh Lepman, Darrell McKigney, Mark Polek and Joe Svach

I’ll be the first to admit that I may have been suffering from a mid-life crisis, but ultimately I really wanted to prove that a mainstream semi-auto like the Browning Silver Lightning still had what it takes in our digital era of composite gladiators such as the Maxus and Vinci.

SKB is a shotgun company that flies under the radar of most wing and clays shooters, which is regrettable given the enthusiastic impression the GC7 Three-Barrel Set made on the Shotgun Life Peer Review Posse.

Even though the Krieghoff Essencia took the Silver Award at the 2003 "Gold Medal Concourse d'Elegance of Fine Guns" and won the Shooting Sportsman Award for a contemporary, custom-fitted gun that best typifies the upland hunting ideal, our Peer Review group approached the Krieghoff Essencia with a measure of skepticism.

Everyone seemed to be wondering the same thing…

Benilli must be the sexiest brand in shotguns today.

Stainless steel, carbon fiber and the jet-fighter silhouette make Benelli semi-autos all the rage. Yet the underlying engineering is the big payoff.

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