Gordy & Sons Gives Houston a New Luxury Retail Experience for Hunting and Fishing

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The three Gordy men are opening a lavish new outfitting emporium in Houston, Texas that will be home to some of the finest shotguns on the planet as of May 13th.

Son Garrett is the point man for the new Gordy & Sons stunning Gordy & Sons grand showroom located on 22 Waugh Drive. Along with brother Shaun and father Russell, the Gordy’s have been contemplating the store for a few years. Finally, the right commercial building became available and they ran with it.

McKay Brown

Gordy & Sons will sell the stunning shotguns from Scottish artisan, David McKay Brown.

The 9,000-square-foot store occupies a thoroughly modernized 1950s brick bank building. The gutted structure was redesigned by Montana architect Jerry Locati who had conceived the Gordy’s ranch house there. Garrett described the new store as a “Southern plantation vibe.”

For Russell, though, the operation is the culmination of a dream going back to his boyhood in a poor Texas family. He would pore over Sears & Roebuck catalogs for shotguns and rifles that his family couldn’t afford. Through hard work, his professional success in energy and real estate ultimately enabled him to assemble a fine firearms collection. Gordy & Sons turns Russell’s dream into a premium showroom under Garrett’s management.

Beretta SO10EELL

As a Beretta Premium Dealer, Gordy & Sons will make available shotguns such as thisBeretta SO10 EELL.

Two-thirds of the floor space is devoted to hunting. The centerpiece gun vault is secured by an 18,000 pound door circa 1940 from an old bank. Its heirloom interior cabinetry is distinctive of trophy-room designer, Julian & Sons. The vault can hold 450 guns priced $15,000 and up. Inside you can shop among the world’s best gunmakers including Purdey, David McKay Brown, Rigby & Co., Beretta’s Premium SO series, Blaser, Anschütz rifles and Dakota Arms. The Gordy’s have stocked up on Purdeys to shorten ordering and fit times.

Gator Gun receiver

The Blaser F3 Gator Gun is available exclusively at Gordy & Sons.

Naturally, a personal store favorite is the bespoke Blaser F3 12-gauge over-and-under designed by yours truly. It’s nicknamed the “Gator Gun,” featuring a reptilian scaled finish, alligator-tail release lever and engravings of, well, alligators. Christian Socher, the CEO of Blaser USA, had invited me to create an F3 and so the “Gator Gun” is a tribute to our beloved Low Country. It was executed by Blaser’s Custom Shop in Germany and sells for $54,000.

The floor racks display lower priced long guns from Beretta, Blaser, Caesar Guerini and the Blaser F16 Intuition and Syren shotguns for women.

“We’ll have a lot of women’s clothing and gear for hunting and fishing,” Garrett said.


Mike Burnett

Purdey-trained gunsmith Dustin Mount leads a crackerjack team for repairs, customization and gun fittings. Mike Burnett, former gun manager of Kevin’s Fine Outdoor Gear and Apparel, is Gordy’s new guy behind the gun counter.

Sporting apparel from Purdey, BraeVal, Barbour, Russel Moccasins, Le Chameau, Dubarry, Simms and Maven Fly will also offer a rich selection for women. There’s also a fine collection of sporting art.

An 85-foot casting pond lets you try rods and reels from Scott, Winston, Hardy, Tibor, Abel and Hatch. Vintage reels by Charlton and Seamaster can cost $2,500. Bamboo rods are in the $3,000 range.

Gordy & Sons can help you find an awesome place to use all that new fishing stuff. They’re booking fishing trips to Cuba, Mexico, Alaska, the Bahamas and Montana. And a portfolio of upland destinations is in the works. 

As Garret put it, “We tried to curate the best products and expertise we could find for the international sporting enthusiast.”

Irwin Greenstein is the Publisher of Shotgun Life. You can reach him at www.shotgunlife.com.

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Irwin Greenstein is Publisher of Shotgun Life. Please send your comments to letters@shotgunlife.com.