First Peek: Factory Specs for the New Zoli Bilanx

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Zoli is preparing to ship its new Bilanx over/under to the U.S., and Shotgun Life has obtained factory documents, as they undergo translation from Italian into English, that specify exactly what American shooters can expect from the next-generation in shotgun balancing systems.


Bilanx means “balance” in Latin. The new moniker refers to the Italian shotgun’s breakthrough balancing system in the pistol grip – a departure from balancing systems that now reside in stocks. The Zoli balancing system bears the no-nonsense name of Between Hands Balancer or BHB. We’ve written about this BHB before (read story) in a prototype of the revamped Z-Sport.

Bilanx was the name hand-picked by Zoli President, Paulo Zoli. It underscores a new emphasis on the shotgun’s status as perhaps the most organically balanced, over/under obtainable for clays competitors. As you’ll see in the accompanying documents, Zoli indicates that the Bilanx’s center of gravity is ideally set directly on the hinge pins.

The “customized” Zoli that Brad Kidd shot to win 2010 National Sporting Clays Championship included parts that we could see in the new Zoli Bilanx.

BHB eliminates the see-saw sensation that shooters try to tame through trial and error with balancing systems now commonplace in stocks. Better yet, because the BHB resides in the pistol grip, fine tuning of the system does away with the hassle of unscrewing recoil pads, popping out recoil reducers, along with other stock-packed paraphernalia shooters rely on for fit and comfort during grueling matches that can last for days in blistering summer temperatures.

The Zoli documents below are in Italian, but are crammed with photos of how the system works. You’ll see that the Bilanx is also equipped with barrel weights, further refining the incremental modularity of the BHB system.

 BHB Manuale USO  |  Brouchure BHB System 2010

In the BHB Manuale USO document above, the section Il sistema è costituito dai seguenti componenti details the BHB components. Piece #1 is the liner that goes into the pistol grip (and also lets the system be retrofitted to older Z-Sports). Piece #2 is the stem that holds (#3) the weights. Also included are the cap and key for easy installation and modification.

Foto N.4 indicates the gun’s perfect balance.

Particulars about the barrel weights are illustrated in the section Complimenti per aver acquisato il sistema Zoli BHB canna.

Does the BHB really work? You’ll have to ask Brad Kidd. Using apparatus you can expect in the Bilanx, Kidd won the High Overall Main Event at the 2010 National Sporting Clays Championship shooting his quasi-Bilanx, Zoli Kronos Sport.

Currently, data about the Bilanx remains somewhat scarce until Zoli launches its new North American web site in the near future. In the mean time, though, you can visit the Zoli web site and check out the documents below to piece together the forthcoming Zoli Bilanx.

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