At $725, CZ’s Bobwhite G2 is a Classic Double Gun for Everyone

Is there such a thing as the perfect upland gun? Is it even possible to answer that question without first defining the quarry, location, and method of hunting?

Hunters, in general, and shotgunners, in particular, are a peculiar lot. The variances in likes and dislikes are legion. The pheasant hunter ambling through corn stubble will often choose a 12-gauge over/under for his hunt. While the chucker hunter in Oregon will often go for a 20 gauge due to the lighter weight and commensurate improvement in performance. 

Purists resist the temptation to hunt with semi-autos because, as Robert Ruark says, “It just doesn’t feel right.” And alas, the side-by-side has lost favor for stacked barrels over the last few decades. 

G2 hatThe CZ Bobwhite G2 affordable side by side show its classic lines.

There remains plenty of us who are drawn to the traditional action of side-by-side barrels, double triggers, and straight English stocks – guns that have excellent craftsmanship and performance, but cost as much as a new home. Thankfully, CZ has met our needs with their Bobwhite G2 side by side priced at an attainable $725.00. 


Unveiled in April 2019, the G2 an upgrade of the original Bobwhite introduced in 2005. The biggest and most noticeable improvement is the receiver’s black chrome finish that replaces the original’s case coloring. CZ says that the black chrome is better than case coloring or even traditional barrel bluing when it comes to repelling rust.

Like the first version, the CZ Bobwhite G2 is available in 12, 20, and 28 gauges. It’s arguably the finest side-by-side available to the average hunter today, while keeping many traditions alive with its looks, feel, and function.

G2 receiverThe black chrome finish on the receiver enhances rust resistance over traditional bluing.

As I have grown more and more as a shotgunner, my evolution through the different gauges has grown with me. And while the new rage is all about the .410 bore, my skill as a wingshooter doesn’t allow me to go that small. I am still waiting for someone to offer an affordable double with matching sets of barrels in 16 gauge and 28 gauge as the perfect gun for all occasions. 

Until this perfect combination is made and offered for sale, I’ll take the smaller, lightweight 28 gauge and make the argument that the CZ-USA Bobwhite G2 may just be the perfect upland gun for the money, especially when ruffed grouse and woodcock are your primary target. These game birds are often found in similar locations and mixed bags are more of the norm than not. Needing a gun that can handle the antsy grouse and agile woodcock while simultaneously being fast to mount and light to carry, the CZ Bobwhite G2 meets all the requirements. 

G2 shellsThe CZ Bobwhite G2 features a scaled 28-gauge receiver.

Made in Turkey by Huglu, the CZ Bobwhite G2 in 28 gauge comes with a CNC receiver and modern internal parts that are built on a scaled frame. This gun is designed and made to be fully and completely a 28-gauge shotgun. The 28-inch black chrome barrels give you the look and feel of a classy, blued double. The barrels are held in place with a stylish beavertail for end. Both barrels are threaded for choke tubes that come with the shotgun. A set of five tubes from cylinder to full are available for the perfect combination. Extra chokes are available if you want to go full-full or modified-modified. Personally, when walking in grouse and woodcock thickets, close shots are the norm. A first barrel with improved cylinder followed with a modified choke on the second seem to be the best of both worlds – at least for my shooting anyway. 

G2 forendThe stylish forend on the CZ Bobwhite G2 side by side.

One of the key things that drew me to the Bobwhite G2 was the double triggers. Being a certified and diagnosed old-school lover of guns, I fell in love with the look, feel, and challenge of double triggers in a modern shotgun. On the Bobwhite G2, the tang safety locks both triggers, and when slid forward, allows for full operation. The shooter must determine which barrel to shoot first by selecting the proper trigger. The Bobwhite G2’s front trigger fires the right barrel, and the rear trigger the left. Each trigger breaks at a respectable level of pull. A test with a trigger gauge showed the right trigger breaking at 2.7 pounds and the left at 2½ pounds –precisely where I want it for upland shooting. 

The length of pull as measured to the front trigger is 14½ inches, which is a tad long for some shooters. The padded butt plate adds some length, although it’s really not needed for the light recoil of the 28 gauge. For those who may find the length a tad long, consider replacing the pad with a solid plate or thinner recoil pad. 

G2 chokesA set of five chokes ranging from cylinder to full constrictions ship with the CZ Bobwhite G2.

Like most side-by-side shotguns the breech is opened with a top mounted lever. Push it far to the right and the action opens. Rather than ejectors that send the spent hulls flying over the gunner’s shoulder, the CZ Bobwhite G2 has extractors that lift the shells for the gunner to remove by hand. This poses a bit of a problem in the dove field where fast reloads are needed, but in the uplands of the northern Midwest, fast reloads are not necessary, and the extractors prevent losing spent shells. 

The CZ Bobwhite G2 28 gauge is chambered to handle both the standard 2¾-inch shells and the 3-inch versions as well. The added chambering sizes will allow upland hunters wanting the perfect gun for the prairie, as well as thick coverts, to find their match in CZ’s 28-gauge Bobwhite G2. Weighing a minuscule 5½ pounds, the CZ Bobwhite G2 28 gauge will save the arms after miles of walking and shooting. Loading your barrels with some 3-inch #5 shot will have plenty of pheasants falling to the ground. And with grouse and timberdoodles on the horizon, a steady load of #7 ½ or #8 is textbook for what may be the perfect upland gun in the segment. 

A freelance outdoor writer, podcaster and photographer, Pete Rogers loves everything outdoors, hunting, fishing, trapping and writing about his experiences afield. Follow him on Facebook at

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