Celebrating the Pointing-Dog Photos of Chris Mathan

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In 1803, London sporting dog expert William Taplin published the first of two volumes titled “The Sportsman’s Cabinet” – an elaborately leather bound and illustrated compendium described as “A correct delineation of the canine race.”

In 2003 Chris Mathan paid homage to Mr. Taplin by starting her own business called The Sportsman’s Cabinet, which brought her highly acclaimed dog photography to an Internet audience. Ms. Mathan’s Sportsman’s Cabinet started when, after seven years as a senior designer and art director at one of Portland, Maine’s most prestigious advertising agency, she opted to become professionally immersed in upland bird hunting and pointing-dog field trials.

Ms. Mathan’s Sportsman’s Cabinet began as a print and digital marketing and graphics firm that concentrated on the shooting sports and outdoor markets. The amazing bird-dog photos that followed arose from both commercial necessity and personal passion. She followed up in 2008 by helping start the authoritative online magazine Strideaway to promote pointing-dog field trials, which also features her photography.

Chris with dog

Chris Mathan

Fortunately for us, Ms. Mathan is one of those independent spirits with the experience, aesthetics and entrepreneurial drive to break free from the corporate nine-to-five grind of advertising agency work in New York and London to follow her love of bird dogs, wingshooting and conservation. She was able to leverage a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (she’s originally from Montreal, Canada) and Parsons School of Design in New York where she studied fine art and studio photography into a dream that most of us harbor: a full-time professional in the wingshooting and sporting-dog universe.

Since December 2015, she has lived and worked in the tiny town of Pavo, Georgia, which is in the American epicenter of sporting dog breeding, training, wild quail hunting and field trials. She purchased a small house with enough acreage to run her three pointers and build permanent kennels.

“There is a kind of spiritual profoundness to upland bird hunting that connects you to life,” she says. “It changed me in a way that can never be undone and happily so.”

In her photography, Ms. Mathan creates an aesthetic tone of dogs that depicts their individual personality, determination, athleticism, wisdom and focus amid the natural beauty of the landscapes. Her photography has appeared in top wingshooting magazines. Here’s a gallery of her pointing-dog portraits.

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