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Written by Elizabeth Lanier

“Really?” “Wow!” “Fantastic!” All of these words were going through my mind while I watched a recent news segment about the rise of women shooting shotguns recreationally. This was not just some local news segment, but actually on the CBS Good Morning America show. What an unexpected pleasure to see, not only a positive side of shooting presented, but featuring just a few of the many, many women who are recognizing the joy of shooting shotguns and embracing it as a new hobby. 

Though I teach men, women and kids, I have been actively promoting and encouraging the recreational side of this sport among women especially for the last 10 years. As a shooting coach, I have seen learning to shoot shotguns become a life-changing event for some and for others, simply a sense of empowerment, not in a liberating way but helping them realize that they are capable of doing far more than they realize. 

We grow up thinking those who shoot shotguns automatically know how and are naturally good at it. Not true. As with any sport, you must first be willing and want to try it, and then put realistic expectations on yourself and understand that as it is with any sport, you just have to put in the time and learn. I feel confident that once you try it, you will like it! 

This past month, I have had the opportunity to introduce this sport to quite a few newbies through seminars and Learn to Shoot clinics and we have been thrilled with the response. 

This month I am also going to introduce you to not only one of the most talented stock restoration men in the country, but also someone I am proud to call a very dear friend and fellow shooter. 

I hope you enjoy and also hope you will get out there and enjoy some hootin’ and shootin’ with good friends and family. 



I am sorry, but I just could not help but start this off with a laugh! Who does not remember Granny?  I am pretty sure I will be this feisty when I am this age as well! 

Pull...It has always been my favorite four letter word and I was just thrilled to see such a great segment on the national news a few weeks ago. Thank you to CBS and to Garden & Gun magazine for finding and not being afraid to voice something positive about the shooting sports. Here’s the link to the program segment:

Below are some photos from a recent event we did for Tri-County Feed Store in Marshall, Virginia. A unique event, they hosted an evening with a seminar on guns given by my good friend John Alexander and me, followed by a cocktail party with models mingling among the guest sporting their diverse assortment of clothing and gear for shotgun shooters. Guests were able to discuss guns, shooting, ask questions and also try on and shop for shooting attire. The event was sponsored by Good Shot Design. The following day, John and I gave shooting clinics to over 35 participants.


Check out the inside of Tri-County Feed Store. For me, I had to lock up my credit cards and put on my blinders.  What a fabulous assortment of shooting gear. And check out our gorgeous models. Representing Dubarry, Good Shot Design, Holland & Holland and Beretta in these photos, the store carries so much more as well.  

Doing what I love most, coaching! We had first-time shooters and advanced shooters come to our shooting clinic. Below, Anne Sittmann is someone who had never held a gun before and we wanted her to know how to do it correctly from the start to the smile at the finish. 


Here is my good friend John Alexander coaching Jesse Swan who had had a lot of rifle experience but had not used a shotgun in a long time. Her husband Dave is obviously having a great time too. And there’s also that photo of me with Karen Buckley trying her hand at clays. You just have to love the smiles of success and clearly how fun shooting shotguns really is.


And I am just going to say if you find a great group of women to shoot with, they will not only become your best shooting buddies, but some of the best friends you could ever have! Cheers to all the great women who embrace this sport!  Pictured here, just  a few of the fabulous GRITS girls after a great day of shooting at the Homestead Resort and Spa


Sometimes in life you are fortunate enough to come across someone who is not only talented, but wonderful in every aspect. My great friend Danny Patton, pictured below, can take a Lincoln log and make it look extraordinary. I have seen folks walk into his home shop with guns that have been dropped, split, and just plain worn out and he will make repairs you cannot even detect. I have seen him take what is left of a broken stock on an antique gun and add new wood to it and you would never know it was not original. Danny is located in Louisa, Virginia and is well worth knowing for any lover of old guns and those in need of repairs and gun work with newer ones as well. His shop is impeccable and his talents as well.  For more information about Danny, just contact me. 


And yes, just for the record, I will occasionally try shooting different guns, here being chorused by my great friend, Marge Samuels, as we both attempt to figure it out.... OK, OK, I admit, it was fun too.


Enjoy your September! 

Elizabeth Lanier is a highly regarded shooting instructor based in Virginia.  She loves teaching men, women and children and introducing them to all the joys that recreational shooting brings forth! Founder of the G.R.I.T.S. (Girls Really Into Shooting), she is a leading advocate of women in the shotgun sports and this fall will be planning shooting events centered around the G.R.I.T.S. mission of shooting for the pure fun of it as well as planning trips for not only women, but everyone. Visit the Lanier Shooting Sports web site at

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Elizabeth Lanier

Elizabeth Lanier is an NSCA Level III instructor and certified instructor for the Coordinated Shooting Method (CSM) who is based in Virginia. For more information, visit her web site at http://www.laniershootingsports.comPlease send your questions and comments to