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With the surge in popularity of shotgunning among women, gun manufacturers are realizing there is definitely a need for better fitting guns for women right off the shelf. This is a tall order to fill. Why? Because I am not sure there is such a thing as a perfect fitting gun off the shelf, but we are getting much closer.

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Written by Elizabeth Lanier

With the surge in popularity of shotgunning among women, gun manufacturers are realizing there is definitely a need for better fitting guns for women right off the shelf. This is a tall order to fill. Why? Because I am not sure there is such a thing as a perfect fitting gun off the shelf, but we are getting much closer.

Blaser, Ceasar Guerini and Perazzi are some of the higher end guns making their way into the women’s market, with Blaser leading the charge as the most adept for being totally customized for each individual woman. Perazzi fits wonderfully and the Syren has several models and more bling. Deb McKown wrote a fabulous article in Shotgun Life about the different choices, makes and models currently out there and relatively new to the market. She also discusses some of the things to consider when purchasing a “woman’s” shotgun.

All in all, as the old saying goes, “we have come a long way baby!” Certainly in the fact that the industry is listening to the requests for better choices in shotguns, and in gear, clothing and opportunities for women in the shooting sports in general.
Here at Lanier Shooting Sports Lifestyles, we want to showcase fun times, good gear and soon, shooting destinations and opportunities, many planned with the women in mind. Feel free to send me your shotgun stories and photos. We would love to see them!

This month, in addition to some shooting photos, we are putting a few gift ideas out there as the holiday shopping season is rapidly approaching.
In closing, I just LOVE the fall……it is a sure sign the fall wingshooting season has arrived! Fellas, sit back and hold on to your hats! These women are having a great time! Enjoy!

IMG 3979

Well, while some folks are calm and reserved hunters, there are others who just can’t contain their excitement when a successful shot is made. For example, my friend Jean Claud. A student first, we became fast friends as we are two peas in a pod. Early in September, we had the opportunity to shoot together on one of the first days of dove season. We were both thinking it was going to be a slow afternoon and before you knew it, we were shooting away. Well, she was…..I was laughing so hard at all her screams when she hit a bird that I could hardly see through the tears in my eyes.


Meet Lisa Tomlin, one of America’s top gun engravers. Lisa has been written up in many national publications, a book on top gun engravers and featured in Garden & Gun magazine most recently. She is one of the most talented and finest folks I know in this industry. Not only is she a student of mine, but she also brought my vision for my business logo to life. Lisa has been engraving guns for 32 years. She has done them for past Presidents of the USA right down to local folks wanting a simple embellishment on their gun. In all that time, she had never pulled the trigger of a shotgun until we met on a mutual project. After a few lessons, learning to shoot left handed as well, she has not only fallen in love with shooting targets, but this year hit the field in pursuit of birds! For more about Lisa Tomlin see her web site:

IMG 4152

So here we have an example of a happy, happy group of friends who had a wonderful opening day dove shoot together. From all reports, it is amazing they got the number of birds they did, as though the camo may hide their bodies a little, their screams and bird celebrations are proof that dove, though they have keen eyesight, are obviously deaf and dumb.

Examples like these photos above are just a few of the reasons I love what I do. As a shooting instructor and chief cheerleader to all those who just love to pull the trigger, sights like these are the most memorable and gratifying there are. To see folks have so much fun shooting, with friends and families, is just the best!

IMG 4075

In the ladies gun market, finally there are choices. I am giving the Blaser F3 Ladies gun a try for the next several months. I have been a fan of Blaser since someone let me shoot theirs at a driven pheasant hunt several years ago. I am sure the birds just flew into the lead wall……Every time I brought the gun up, a bird folded. Not only was the gun beautifully engraved, but it was perfectly balanced. I never forgot that day and I have several friends and students who shoot them. Blaser’s new F3 Ladies gun has no bling what-so-ever and handles quite nicely. It took a few times on a clay course to get the feel and adjustments right, but it is powdering targets. Why do I feel this gun is leading the charge in guns for women? Well, because it is so adjustable it becomes a custom fit. The length of pull is adjustable, the comb is adjustable up and down and right and left, and the butt plate is fully adjustable up and down, right and left. Lastly, it has a recoil system built in. Once you set the stock to fit you, you may purchase various gauge barrels for the F3 receiver and they all fit right into that “custom fit” stock. I have just started giving it a trial run and though it may need a bit more tweaking, I believe Blaser has a great gun for the long haul. More next month. In the mean time, the page on the Blaser website for the Blaser F3 Ladies is here: .

IMG 1320

I love these stories! Lisa Bergstrom wants to do things with her sons! One of the things they enjoy is shooting so she thought, why not? In this photo, she and her son Christian came together for a mother/son day of shooting. For her, it was a first lesson. For Christian, it was great fun seeing his mom have so much fun trying something new and then it became a great conversation about what they were going to do the next time they shot together, and then the talk went to what they could do as a family out shooting. Wonderful to see. Here’s to Lisa for trying something new, and along the way, to discover that shooting shotguns was not only fun, but looking forward to it being a family affair. Next, how about a few cool holiday ideas?

10703874 10204769216215435

I have not seen one in person but I like what I see in the photo. A shooting push cart with diamond plate trays, solid rubber tires and a the cart is fully collapsible for quick storage. Carries a lot of shells but only two guns. But hey, it has cup holders! Retails for $295 plus shipping. Check them out at .

IMG 4158

A great gift for our shooting gals! An engraved sterling silver cuff with a 14K gold “broken clay” target. This is really a pretty and fun piece to sport on the clay course or elsewhere! Retails for $250. To order this cuff or for more information, contact Steve Minas with Upland Ranger. .


Gotta show off this gal! Especially since she is sporting a GRITS hat! Jordan Lane, great shooting at the Scholastic Clay Target Nationals in Sparta, Illinois. Jordan took 4th in collegiate sporting clays, 5th in Ladies skeet and had an all-around great time. Congratulations on some fantastic shooting, Jordan.

Coming up this fall are some fun shooting events. One I know of is the Fall Southern Side x Side hosted by Backwoods Quail Club in Georgetown, South Carolina, October 24-26th. I am sure there are many more. Whatever fun shooting events or hunting you get to do this month, we hope you have a great time. Nothing like shooting and hooting!

Elizabeth Lanier is a highly regarded shooting instructor based in Virginia.  She loves teaching men, women and children and introducing them to all the joys that recreational shooting brings forth! Founder of the G.R.I.T.S. (Girls Really Into Shooting), she is a leading advocate of women in the shotgun sports and this fall will be planning shooting events centered around the G.R.I.T.S. mission of shooting for the pure fun of it as well as planning trips for not only women, but everyone. Visit the Lanier Shooting Sports web site at


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