Shotgun Clay Sports

Make a loud noise and break something.

There is something instinctive, even primal, about the satisfaction of seeing a clay target smash after a perfect shot. The smaller the pieces, the bigger the rush. That squirt of dopamine that tells your brain you just experienced a perfect moment.

Of course there were plenty of imperfect moments leading up to it.

There is the mental discipline; the body memory of hold points, foot position and gun mount; and that quest to find the perfect break point. And the frustration of developing your rhythm…until the entire effort coalesces into one perfect shot, then a run of stations and ultimately 25 straight, 50 straight, 75 straight, and oh no — a 99!

Some folks compare the disciplines of shooting a shotgun with golf. Yes, in fact, the similarities run deep. But there’s one big difference. With the shotgun sports you get to make a loud noise and break something — an exceptionally liberating, satisfying occasion.

To keep the rush going, here is what you’ll find in our Shotgun Clay Sports section…

  • Skeet
    • The Basics
      • Rules & Etiquette
  • The Course
    • Technical details like target speed, etc
  • International Skeet
  • Trap
    • The Basics
      • Rules & Etiquette
  • 16-Yard Trap
  • Handicap Trap
  • Wobble Trap
  • Bunker Trap
  • Doubles Trap
  • Sporting Clays
    • The Basics
      • Rules & Etiquette
  • The origins of the sport
  • Target types
  • Do you need to shoot low gun?
  • Special equipment
  • 5-Stand
    • The Basics
        • Rules & Etiquette
  • Target types
  • Clays
  • Discussion of different types of clays
  • Places to shoot

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