Written by Irwin Greenstein

Call me crazy, but when someone handed me the 12-gauge model of the new A-10 American sidelock for the first time, it evoked a $100,000 pigeon gun by the ultra-exclusive Italian firm of Tullio and Ivo Fabbri. In fact, our experience in shooting the A-10 American sidelock over/under, in both 12 and 20 gauge, is all about the first impressions you gather in handling prototypes for a few hours on a sporting clays course.

Exclusive: First Field Review of the Breakthrough A-10 American Sidelock

Written by Irwin Greenstein with the opinions of Sandy Nunnally, Tina Nyczepir, Mimi Wingfield and Carolinn Pocher Woody

Shuck a pump gun and testosterone immediately triggers fireworks in the brain – even if the gun is specifically designed for women. And that is exactly what happened when we shot the Ithaca Model 37 With Ladies Stock....

ESP-Electronic Shooters Protection on Vimeo.

Written by Deborah McKown

Fausti USA offered us its lovely Dea Duetto side by side combo just as we wrapped up planning a road trip to the exclusive Bray's Island Plantation in Sheldon, South Carolina. The occasion was the invitation-only Bray's Island Outdoor and Shooting Exposition, held this year April 16th through the 18th.