The One Shotgun That Fits Any Size Shooter: the RETAY Gordion Compact 20 Gauge

Multiple options for the new RETAY Gordion Compact allow all ages and all sizes of shooters a customized fit for years to come.

Retay Gordini Shotgun

RETAY’s Gordion Compact 20-gauge semi-automatic shotgun is built on a full-size 20-gauge frame and fitted with a shortened stock to allow four shims to adjust the length of pull for a perfect fit.

Easton, Md. (August 2023)RETAY USA, the North American sales and distribution for RETAY ARMS, makers of innovative shotguns, introduce the Gordion Compact 20-gauge semi-auto shotgun in 24” and 26” length barrels.

Although the Gordion Compact is perfect for a growing shooter, it was designed for ANY shooter, regardless of size or age. The full-sized 20-gauge frame and shortened stock allow the user to customize the fit with any or all of the four ¼” shims to adjust the length of pull from 12.5” to 13.5” with the removal of two Phillips head screws in the butt plate. An optional full-sized Gordion stock can also be purchased and fitted to the shotgun.

“We designed the Gordion Compact 20-gauge to fit a broad range of shooters, from new shooters to youth, and all sizes and ages in between. The Gordion Compact offers real LOP fit for that custom gun feel that it was made just for you,” Christian Handy, CEO of RETAY USA, commented.


The Gordion Compact is built from the inside out with all the RETAY exclusive features from the premium plastic-free receiver, trigger, and trigger guard, to the “dead straight deep bore barrel” in 20-gauge, a new, modern process of deep bore drilling that does not stress the barrel or affect its integrity, unlike hammer forging. The result is a strong, extremely accurate, “dead straight” barrel with dense and accurate shot placement. The Gordion Compact also incorporates RETAY’s “Inertia Plus” bolt system using a patented rollover internal torsion spring to forcefully rotate the bolt head into battery, which keeps it from being jarred out of battery. The result is a quieter closing, low bolt rattle, and no missed shots.

The RETAY Gordion Compact 20-gauge semi-auto shotgun comes complete with five choke tubes, a choke wrench, shim kit (4 – ¼” shims), and RETAY’s 5-Year Limited Warranty. Available in 24” or 26” in a variety of finishes from Extra Black, Mossy Oak Bottomland, Realtree Max-7, ONYX, Walnut GreyCon, and Walnut Jet Black, the new Gordion Compact 20-gauge has an MSRP of $899 to $999 at a dealer near you.

RETAY USA Gordion Compact Shotgun Specifications:

Gauge: 20 gauge

Chamber: 2 ¾” or 3”

Action: Inertia Piston with Inertia Plus Rotating Bolt®

Magazine: 4 + 1 2 ¾” shell with limiter and sling swivel adapter included

Choke: Interchangeable MaraPro Chokes C-IC-M-IM-F

Rib: Flat Hunting Style Rib

Recoil Pad: Sculpted Microcell Polyurethane

LOP: 12.5” adjustable to 13.5” by ¼” spacers

DOH: 2.16” +/- .04” adjustable to 1.77” – 1.96” – 2.36”

DOC: 1.45” +/- .04”

Weight: 5.7 lbs. to 6.07 lbs. (with addition of spacers)

Safety: Cross Bolt Push Button Intercepter

Trigger: Automatic Anti-Repeat System

Sight: Single Bead TruGlo Fiber Optic (red)

Stock: Adjustable Shim Set with Integrated Sling Swivel Mount

Stock Finish: Multiple Options

Receiver Lower: Single Piece Aluminum

Trigger Housing: Milled Aluminum Housing and Trigger Guard – Single Pin Removable

Forcing Cone: MaraBarrel Optimized Lengthened Forcing Cone

Barrel: Drilled Bohler Steel / Chrome Lined

Minimum Load: (20 gauge) 2 ¾ DRAM

MSRP: $899 – $999

For more information on RETAY USA visit the websiteFacebook pageInstagram page, or YouTube page.


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