The Next Gen CZ 1012 G2 Shotgun is Here

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Kansas City, KS – CZ has upgraded its 1012 inertia-operated shotgun with features that deliver ultimate reliability and performance. Sometimes the best wingshooting happens in foul weather, and hunters need a shotgun that’s unfailing shot after shot. Unlike gas-operated shotguns that require frequent cleanings, the 12 ga and 20 ga shotgun cycles the action using the shotgun’s recoil and is much less prone to fouling. The system runs longer between cleaning and is perfect for high-volume waterfowl hunters who can’t afford downtime. The best part is that 1012 G2 shotgun includes advanced features found in modern autoloaders at a fraction of the competition’s price.

CZ’s 1012 G2 boasts an outstanding track record. During testing, CZ engineers pushed the shotgun to the extreme – 5,000 rounds without lubrication with zero parts breakage or malfunctions. For the hunter, an occasional cleaning and oiling keeps shotguns going strong during normal field use.

CZ tuned the gas-less system to run a wider variety of shells, from soft recoiling target loads to hard-hitting 3-inch magnum payloads needed for big-bodied geese. Knowing this, both the 12 ga and 20 ga models come equipped with five screw-in choke tubes from cylinder to full, offering an optimized pattern based on ammunition and target presentation. The hardened choke handles all types of non-toxic shot, like steel and tungsten, required for hunting waterfowl.

The trigger system used in this shotgun is known for its reliability. So much so that CZ includes it in other model lines because of its consistency. Most models feature a 28-inch barrel, a popular length for field shooting, while one shotgun in the 1012 line includes a 20-inch barrel option — perfect for the turkey hunter or anyone needing a compact shotgun.


The 12-gauge CZ 1012 G2 is available in eight models. For the hunter who prefers a traditional look, there’s walnut (with a choice of metal finishes). The All-Terrain, black synthetic, and three different camo finishes guard against the wet, and the camo models blend with the habitat. Prices range from $679 to $749, depending on the model.

The NEW CZ 1012 G2 is covered by the CZ Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty.

CZ 1012 G2 Features:NEW Reversible SafetyInertia operating bolt systemReversible cross-bolt safety for right or left-handed shootersBead front sightAccommodates the addition of a magazine tube extensionOversized controls for use in adverse conditionsComes with 5 CZ Active Extended Chokes (F, IM, M, IC, C)Rubber butt padPacked in a lockable hard gun caseShim set for a perfect fitWeighs only 6.5 pounds

Ceska zbrojovka a.s. (CZ) is a Czech manufacturer of precision-engineered commercial and military firearms that are exported to more than 100 countries around the world. Founded in 1936, it initially focused on the supply of firearms for domestic and international armed forces. Over the years, it gradually extended its portfolio with a wide range of domestic firearms for hunting, sport, and hobby shooting. Since 2022, CZ has been one of the key pillars of Colt CZ Group SE.

For more information, please visit WWW.CZ-USA.COM


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