Longthorne Gunmakers Makes the World’s First Shotgun Barrels From a Single Billet of Titanium

Oct. 12, 2021 – Northampton, England – Longthorne Gunmakers, renown for making shotgun barrels from a single billet of steel, has broken another technical barrier by machining barrels from a single billet of titanium.

The first set of Longthorne titanium barrels are over/unders, 32 inches long, with an integrated ramped, vented rib and threaded for screw-in chokes. They have been proofed for high-performance steel shot in October 2021 at The London Proof House. The barrel weight is a phenomenally low 2.05 pounds – more than a pound lighter than comparable steel barrels, and contribute to a Longthorne sporting or game gun that can weigh approximately six pounds.

“Given their light weight, one would not be mistaken for thinking that these barrels would make a shotgun kick like a mule,” said Elaine Stewart, Longthorne Guns’ Marketing Director. “However, this is not the case, since in keeping with the rest of their range, our new titanium barrels offer the same negligible felt recoil and muzzle flip qualities as their steel barrels and are ideal as a very lightweight game gun.

Earlier this year, Longthorne released a set of barrels completely machined from solid Damascus steel also proofed for high-performance steel.



Started in 2008, Longthorne Gunmakers was granted a UK patent in 2015 relating to their innovative barrel technology, and subsequently, the United States Patent & Trade Mark Office granted a corresponding US patent in 2016. Several more patents are pending in Europe and Asia. The company makes over/under, side by side and round action sporting and game guns.

For more information about Longthorne shotguns, visit their website at www.longthorneguns.com, contact sales@longthorneguns.com or call +0044 (0)1772 811215. Longthorne Guns are sold exclusively in the US by Pacific Sporting Arms whose web site is https://pacificsportingarms.com.


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