Joshua Creek Ranch Hunting & Sporting Resort in the Texas Hill Country to Celebrate 35th Anniversary! 


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 21,2024  Boerne, TX:  Joshua Creek Ranch Hunting & Sporting Resort in the Texas Hill Country to Celebrate 35th Anniversary!


Boerne, TX: 

Joshua Creek Ranch, Hunting & Sporting Resort in the Texas Hill Country, is celebrating its 35th Anniversary beginning with the upcoming 2024-2025 hunting season. Since 1990, Joshua Creek Ranch has been dazzling even the most discerning guests from all over the world. Custom itineraries, prime hunting & shooting opportunities, and exceptional outdoor sporting adventures are complemented by luxury resort amenities and warm Texas hospitality, resulting in a truly unique and top-shelf experience for visiting guests. 

Today, this family-owned and operated ranch, located 45 minutes northwest of downtown San Antonio, thrives as one of the most visited hunting & sporting lodges in the world. In addition, Joshua Creek Ranch perennially boasts some of the highest honors and endorsements from the most reputable programs in the industry including Orvis, Beretta, and Federal Premium Ammunition to name a few. 


The commitment to continuous growth and improvement every year is the root of Joshua Creek Ranch’s undeniable success. “We opened in 1990 with a third of the land we now hunt, so we’ve been very fortunate to be able to add contiguous acreage. Also, at the end of every hunting season, we tackle a list of summer projects which include things like clearing hunting pastures, building new accommodations, expanding the pro shop, and opening a resort-style pool,” said Ann Kercheville, Vice Chairman & President (Ann and her husband, Joe Kercheville, are the original founders and owners of Joshua Creek Ranch). “That’s how we’ve grown over the last 35 years…just taking baby steps year after year. I think our clients enjoy returning each year to see that we’ve made some improvements for their comfort and enjoyment.,” Kercheville added. 

Joshua Creek Ranch specializes in wingshooting opportunities including upland hunting for quail, pheasant, and chukar along with European-style driven shooting for pheasant and mallard ducks. “The mild hunting season climate, the beautiful and diverse habitat, the convenient location in South Central Texas, and our clients’ enthusiasm for gamebird hunting are all a part of what has made JCR so special for so long,” said Kercheville. 

In addition, Joshua Creek Ranch also features a variety of outdoor activities like sporting clays, helice, and simulated driven clays shooting along with fly fishing, handgun and rifle shooting ranges, water recreation, and free-range hunting for whitetail & axis deer, and blackbuck antelope. “Joshua Creek Ranch is like a resort or country club, but instead of golf and tennis, we focus on hunting, shooting, fly-fishing, and other outdoor recreation. On top of that, our lodging, dining, and resort amenities and facilities are truly second to none,” exclaimed Kevin Welborn, Managing Director. 

Joshua Creek Ranch will celebrate this milestone anniversary throughout the 2024-2025 hunting season with a commemorative logo treatment, branded apparel, national marketing campaign, and special events for staff, Members, and clients. “We are very proud of the amazing operation we have built over the last 35 years and fully intend to share our gratitude with everyone who helped us along the way,” Welborn added. 


Joshua Creek Ranch, located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, is nestled on an isolated stretch of the pristine Guadalupe River and Joshua Creek – just 45 minutes northwest of downtown San Antonio. The family-owned and operated Ranch is open daily to the public (with reservations), but also features a 3-tiered Membership program. With exceptional hunting and sporting opportunities along with luxury lodging, fine & casual dining, and premier resort amenities & facilities, this sporting paradise is a one-of-a-kind destination that is ideal for corporate events, family getaways, special occasions, and milestone celebrations. 


Kevin Welborn 
Managing Director 
Joshua Creek Ranch 
Office: 830.537.5090 


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