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Saturday, 02 July 2022 00:00
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Eukanuba™ announces the launch of Premium Performance Puppy Pro, a nutritional formula designed specifically for highly active puppies. Sporting and working breed puppies may require advanced nutrition during their developmental months to support their needs for growth and activity, and Premium Performance Puppy Procan help puppies build the strong physical and mental foundations they will need for an active and healthy life. 

ST. CHARLES, MO, April 20, 2022 – Eukanuba™, the pet food company founded in 1969 to bring scientifically developed kibble for sporting and working dogs, now launches a new puppy formula Premium Performance Puppy ProPuppy Pro joins the company’s award-winning, Premium Performance line, and provides sporting and working puppies with the unique nutrition to support their active lives.   

“Athletic puppies and dogs are truly remarkable and remain the focus of our research and development. We continue to define ways Eukanuba™ nutrition can help unleash their innate abilities not just as athletes, but also as working partners.  This commitment is what lead us to our newest innovation, Premium Performance Puppy Pro,”said Brad Wadler, Vice President of Eukanuba™ North America. “You only have one chance to support a puppy’s physical and mental development, which is why it is our mission to provide nutrition with comprehensive benefits to help unleash the potential of our active puppies.”

Premium Performance Puppy Pro is a premium complete and balanced puppy formula that contains high quality protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in the specific amounts that active puppies need throughout their development. Puppy Pro reinforces the Eukanuba™ full range of products, and fuels canine athletes of all life stages. Each Premium Performance formula has been specifically designed to help active dogs maintain their health while achieving peak performance.

  • Growth & Activity. Active puppies have elevated nutritional needs. Eukanuba™ Premium Performance Puppy Pro provides the nutrition to help build the body and sustain energy for play and activity. 
  • Digestive Health. Eukanuba™ Premium Performance Puppy Pro features a tailored fiber complex to support digestive health by optimizing absorption. Optimal efficiency of vital nutrients helps give puppies the nutrition they need, when they need it. 
  • Trainability. Nutrition fuels healthy brain function and learning. Eukanuba™ Premium Performance Puppy Pro delivers a training edge with clinically proven levels of DHA for smarter, more trainable puppies.
  • Agile Joints. High energy, active puppies can place increased load on their joints. Eukanuba™ Premium Performance Puppy Pro provides glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate with EPA to promote agile joint health.
  • Immune Support. Active puppies need support to help protect them from the effects of high activity and from their natural exploration. Eukanuba™ Premium Performance Puppy Pro is equipped with a tailored antioxidant complex to help support a healthy immune system and age-appropriate exercise recovery.
  • Advanced Kibble Design. Puppies with higher energy tend to eat with enthusiasm. Eukanuba™ Premium Performance Puppy Pro helps increase chewing and slow the intake of food through a special kibble design that’s easily hydratable.
  • Gestation and Lactation Benefits. Eukanuba™ Premium Performance Puppy Pro meets the needs of growth, gestation, and lactation. This highly nutritional diet delivers appropriate levels of DHA, antioxidants, high energy content needed in final stages of reproduction, and essential levels of core nutrients like essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

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With nearly 50 years of research, Eukanuba™ offers a complete food lineup, and delivers exceptional, customized nutrition. Eukanuba’s products cater to all types of dogs and are categorized according to life-stage, breed size, and  health-and-performance requirements. For more information visit or


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