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Friday, 18 June 2021 02:02
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Outdoor enthusiasts look for every advantage to help their canine athletes run cooler in hot conditions. Get an edge on the heat with Eukanuba™ Premium Performance 30/20 SPORT with ThermoEdge™. It is nutrition that helps reduce a dog’s peak body temperature caused by intense activity.

ST. CHARLES, MO, June 16, 2021 – EUKANUBA™, a premium dog food brand, is pleased to announce positive results from research examining nutrition’s impact on lowering core body temperature in exercising, canine athletes.  

Cooler dogs can perform better which is why Eukanuba™ has been researching the impact of nutrition on a dog’s body temperature during intense activities. Results from internal field tests indicate that dogs fed the Eukanuba™ Premium Performance 30/20 SPORT diet with ThermoEdge™ for a minimum of 50 days and then exercised under field conditions did indeed help reduce a dog’s peak body temperature caused by intense activity. Eukanuba™ Premium Performance 30/20 SPORT diet with ThermoEdge™ is the only formula field-tested to help reduce a dog’s peak body temperature caused by intense activity.*  The initial findings are so encouraging that Eukanuba™ has launched additional studies.

Bruno Tachon, Eukanuba™’s Vice President of North American Marketing, stated, “Sporting and working dogs are at the center of our brand, and this is why we expanded our research on nutrition-led body temperature regulation. We are thrilled to release our new ThermoEdge™ claim, Eukanuba™ Premium Performance 30/20 SPORT diet is our first field-tested diet to help reduce a dog’s peak body temperature caused by intense activity.”

Russ Kelley, the Scientific Services Nutritionist at Eukanuba™’s Pet Health and Nutrition Center, says, “At Eukanuba™, we strive to create nutrition that helps canine athletes and their owners achieve their goals. We want every adventure with your dog to be enjoyable and safe, especially in the warmer months where heat and humidity present a health challenge. It’s exciting that nutrition can play a role in helping reduce a dog’s peak body temperature caused by intense activity.”

*Internal study

For more than 50 years, Eukanuba™ has created premium nutrition that helps unlock the power and potential within dogs — from the unstoppable performance of sporting dogs to the life-saving abilities of working dogs, to the incredible companionship of service animals and family pets. Eukanuba™ formulas contain high-quality animal protein to help build and maintain lean muscle, DHA for healthy brain function, and vital nutrients to fuel a dog's body, mind and energy. Eukanuba™ offers a range of formulas, each scientifically formulated for dogs with different activity levels, ages and sizes. Learn more at or at


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