Ask your shooting buddies about the best new clays gun to buy for about $5,000 and they’ll probably rattle off the usual suspects: Beretta, Caesar Guerini, Rizzini or Zoli. Chances are you won’t hear about, perhaps the best shotgun in the category, the Blaser F16 Sporting.

New Pointer Side by Side Priced at $699

Written by Irwin Greenstein

Legacy Sports International in Reno, Nevada has built a solid reputation with their Pointer Line of affordable over/under and semi-automatic shotguns – especially in the youth segment. Now Legacy Sports International is expanding the Pointer family into field-grade side by sides that will be available in both 12 and 20 gauge for $699.00.

Page one of the online shotgun listing service had some of the sweetest Parkers that I couldn’t afford. It was more of the same on pages two and beyond, but it was on the middle of page 15 where I saw that little bit of magic. If you’ve waded through those listing pages before then you know that anything past page 5 might be called the Bargain Basement. Sometimes that’s just the place to give your spirit a shine.

Ask a buddy about their bucket-list shotgun and chances are you’ll hear a litany of British or Italian masterpieces, or just as likely Grandaddy’s old L.C. Smith radiant with memories that somehow slipped out of grasp through the crevices of time.

The human body is an evolutionary marvel. It receives and interprets sensory information by way of sights, sounds, smells, taste and touch. The importance of protecting one of these functions – that of hearing – is often underappreciated. 

The crisp air stung as we marched through the deep snow in the Colorado mountains. The landscape was breathtaking in more than one sense. Our hearts were set on bringing home a 900-pound elk bull, but the planning and work involved in the hunt were proving to be more than we expected. 

Beretta’s Black Beauty Side by Side

Written by Irwin Greenstein

Walk into your local shotgun dealer and you’ll see an assortment of new Beretta A300 and A400 semi-automatics, the popular 686 series of over/unders, desirable 687 Silver Pigeons and possibly a few of the premium DT11 clays crushers.

The Western Bongo: a glorious beast sporting a mahogany coat etched with bright white stripes. Thick, slightly twirled horns rest supremely atop its head. It is a masterpiece and it is yours.  Every time you look upon your trophy, your chest swells with pride as you remember the hunt. 

Have you ever watched a covey of 100 bobwhite quail flush in an eruption of birds so dazzling the spectacle of beauty and awe almost mesmerized you into trigger-finger paralysis? 

It’s another misty Saturday morning, and you are awoken by the warmth of sun rays that are streaming through your bedroom windows. You’re jolted awake by the sudden realization that today is range day with your friends.  Any weekend is a good weekend when you get to spend it with your buddies and your firearms.

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