“Eukanuba Dog Training and Nutrition Tips” comes out two Sundays per month. The world-class scientists and dog trainers behind Eukanuba’s™ Premium Performance line-up covers performance nutrition, exercise and recovery and optimal nutrient delivery.
Robert Milner's Gun Dog Chronicles
“Robert Milner’s Gundog Chronicles” features the wisdom of one of the greatest living gun dog trainers, Robert Milner. Expect it every Saturday morning.
Shotgun Life Gear
“Shotgun Life Gear” tells you about the best accessories for wing and clays shooting, bird dogs, shotgun maintenance and of course great clothes. Subscribe and you’ll receive it every weekday afternoon.
60 Seconds With...
Our “60 Seconds With…” series of shooting tips taps into the minds of some of the best wing and clays shooters of a generation including Anthony Matarese, Jr., Chris Batha, Don Currie, Gil & Vicki Ash, Warren Watson & Mike Wilfley and Tom Huggler among others. “60 Seconds With…” is distributed every weekday morning.