Evil Recoil: Part 2

In the June installment of this column we examined the first form of recoil called actual recoil. I pointed out that all actual recoil comes from the shotshell load itself. As the shotshell load shot charge weight increases and as the velocity of the load increases, so too does the total value of the actual recoil force generated by that shotshell load. Gauge is irrelevant.

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Evil Recoil: Part 1

Most shooters recognize sooner or later that recoil is the biggest single negative to their shotgun shooting success. The smart ones recognize this sooner; the recoil-challenged usually later.

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Comparing Two American Side-by-Side Classics: The Winchester Model 21 with the Browning BSS

There’s nothing like a little controversy to stir things up – reading here about opinions on Winchester’s vaunted Model 21 side by side – along with opinions about a possible up-and-comer in the used gun realm – Browning’s BSS (acronym for Browning Side by Side). The Winchester Model 21 has a long standing favorable reputation among many shotgunners, but especially among those who favor Winchesters of all types, maybe even more especially among Winchester collectors.

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Maestro Daniele Perazzi, 1932 – 2012

Daniele Perazzi passed away at the top of his game. Only months before his death on November 7, 2012, his eponymous shotgun company swept the London Olympics with 12 out of 15 medals, including four gold — celebrating a lifetime of international victories that elevated the Perazzi marque to the highest rungs of performance and craftsmanship.

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G.S. and the Mystery Stevens Side-by-Side

They looked out of place in the rack – that pair of side-by-side shotgun barrels there amidst those belonging to single-barreled pumps and autoloaders, a bolt-action rifle or two, and a few “black guns” that I couldn’t identify.

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Free Gun Valuations at Upcoming Safari Club Shows Thanks to New Affiliation Between Holt’s Auctioneers and Blixt

Is your shotgun worth more in the U.K. than the U.S.?

Holt’s Auctioneers, the leading fine gun auction house in England, is once again scouring the American market for hidden gems that may garner big bucks across the Atlantic. In pursuit of collectible firearms here, Holt’s has expanded its network of Representatives in America to include Lars Magnusson, founder of traditional driven-shoot favorite, Blixt & Co.

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John Sigler on the FAMARS Excalibur

John Sigler knows a thing or two about guns. As past president of the National Rifle Association, his opinion matters. So what did he think of the round-body, 20-gauge Excalibur from FAMARS di Abbiatico & Salvinelli?

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Coming Full Circle at the 2012 Vintage Cup

For 2012, the Vintagers Order of Edwardian Gunners — fondly called the Vintagers — revisited their original venue for the 16th Annual Vintage Cup sporting clays and stalking rifle competitions, with a bevy of merchants populating the expansive white tents.

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Ithaca Reveals the 75th Anniversary Model 37 Limited Edition

The clock is ticking to buy one of only 200 Ithaca Model 37 pumps custom built to commemorate the American icon’s 75th anniversary.

The newly minted 75th Anniversary Model 37 exemplifies Ithaca’s limited-edition tribute shotguns released during the remainder of the year, including the rare Larrabee, which honors the Sousa-grade Knickerbocker trap guns introduced in 1922 with approximately 11 new, exquisite replicas.

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