Understanding Barrel Obstruction Bursts

My January 2014 column in Shotgun Life, which discussed shotshell pressures and the kinds of barrel damage excess cartridge pressure can cause, generated quite a few reader responses.  Several readers contacted me requesting I also devote a column to barrel damage caused by obstructions. Before going further, any time there’s a topic of interest you would like covered in this column, please e-mail me. I pride myself in being 100% responsive to readers’ interests.

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Important Information About Shotshell Pressures

Shotshell pressures seem to be a worrisome area for many shotgunners, especially reloaders.  They worry that if they shoot excessive pressure loads that their shotgun could well “blow up.” They’ve heard that from their buddies, but they really don’t have any solid scientific evidence to support those assertions.

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Why Winter Requires Ammo Changes

“Late season birds are tougher to kill because of their thicker feathers and heavier layers of fat and down.” How many times have you heard that? I’m sorry, but it’s not true. 

As fall wears on into winter, wild waterfowl and upland birds have progressively LESS access to food. This is due principally to snow cover. So fat layers and muscles of wild game birds do not get thicker or heavier as fall hunting seasons transcend into winter. 

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The Rise of Beauty, Lust and Fashion at Beretta Premium

Highland Hills Ranch is a sensuous indulgence for upland hunters.

The contours of Oregon’s high-desert rolling hills summon womanly curves shamelessly gorgeous beneath sun-infused blue. After a day of stalking valley quail, chukars, pheasants and huns over dogs, Chef Keith Potter seduces you with a perfume of homemade bakery and dinners fragrant of Western, Latin and Pacific Rim influences as the provincial pinot noirs comfort body and soul. Come dessert, you’re spent and benevolent. The vaulted log great room is aglow with amber lamplight. You plop into a supple leather couch for single malts, bourbon and camaraderie, savoring the warmth of a stone hearth blaze.

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