What is a Triggerplate Action Shotgun?

The world of shotguns is vast and diverse, with various mechanisms and designs catering to the specific needs and preferences of shooters. One such design is the triggerplate action shotgun, which offers a unique and efficient shooting experience. In this article, we will delve into the workings, features, advantages, and limitations of triggerplate action shotguns.

Overview of Triggerplate Action Shotgun

The triggerplate action shotgun is a type of firearm that utilizes a distinct firing mechanism. Unlike other shotguns that use a boxlock or sidelock design, the triggerplate action shotgun has the trigger mechanism located on a separate plate which is mounted on the trigger plate itself. This configuration allows for a simpler and more streamlined design, making the shotgun lighter and more compact.

Working Mechanism and Features of Triggerplate Action Shotgun


The working mechanism of a triggerplate action shotgun is quite fascinating. When the shooter pulls the trigger, the trigger plate moves backward, compressing the mainspring. This compression causes the sear to disengage from the hammer, allowing it to strike the firing pin and ignite the cartridge. The triggerplate action design offers a crisp and reliable trigger pull, enhancing accuracy and control for the shooter.

One of the prominent features of a triggerplate action shotgun is its simplicity and ease of maintenance. With fewer moving parts compared to other shotgun designs, the triggerplate action shotgun is less prone to mechanical failure and requires less frequent cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, the triggerplate action design provides a more consistent trigger pull, resulting in a more predictable and satisfying shooting experience.

Advantages and Limitations of Triggerplate Action Shotguns

Triggerplate action shotguns come with a range of advantages. The streamlined design allows for a more compact and lightweight firearm, making it highly maneuverable in various shooting scenarios. Furthermore, the simpler mechanism contributes to increased reliability and durability, making triggerplate action shotguns a popular choice among hunters and sport shooters alike.

Triggerplate action shotguns offer a unique shooting experience with their distinctive mechanism and design. Their simplicity, reliability, and maneuverability make them a popular choice for many shooters. While they may have some limitations, the advantages outweigh these drawbacks for those seeking a reliable and efficient shotgun. Whether for hunting or sport shooting, triggerplate action shotguns deserve a closer look from firearms enthusiasts.

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