The Low-Gun Position Basics for Wing and Clays Shooting

The low-gun or ready position is a classic shooting stance honoring the traditions of bird hunting that is also used in sporting clays, FITASC and other clay sports that involve a wide variety of target presentations.

In the low-gun position, the butt of the shotgun is held low, under the armpit, with the barrel pointing slightly under the flight trajectory of the target. This position allows for greater flexibility and mobility, essential in situations where targets can come from any direction and at any speed. The low-gun stance also requires quick reflexes and sharp eyes, as the gun needs to be shouldered and fired in a measured, fluid motion.

The low-gun position isn’t just about speed and flexibility though, it’s also about strategy. The stance forces the shooter to fully rely on their instinct and intuition, giving them a few precious seconds to analyze the situation and make a decision. It’s a pure form of shooting, one that brings you closer to the heart of the sport.

Mastering the Low-Gun Stance


The key to a successful low-gun technique is mastering the motion of swiftly raising the gun to the shoulder while maintaining focus on the target. This requires balance, coordination, and control, the trifecta of shotgunning success.

Start by practicing the motion without a loaded gun. Hold the shotgun in the low position, with your arms relaxed but ready. Picture a target in your mind, then quickly raise the gun and shoulder it, aiming at your imaginary target. Repeat this process until the motion feels smooth and natural.

Once you’re comfortable with the motion, try it with a loaded gun. Remember, keep your eyes on the target and don’t rush. Practice makes perfect, and the smooth, flowing motion of the low-gun shot is worth the effort!

When shooting from the low-gun position, be aware of your gun’s position at all times. Keep it under control, and never swing it recklessly. And, as always, keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot.

Stay focused on the target, move smoothly and quickly, and keep your nerves under control. The perfect shot isn’t about power, it’s about precision.

Remember, the perfect shot isn’t just about hitting the target. It’s about the journey, the process of mastering the low-gun stance, of honing your skills and pushing your limits.

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