The Ljutic Mono Trap Gun

Founded by Al Ljutic, a former professional boxer turned gunsmith, Ljutic Industries, based in Yakima Washington, has cultivated a legacy of manufacturing top-tier firearms since the mid-20th century. Among their creations, the Ljutic Mono Trap Gun has particularly gained a reputation for being a formidable ally in trap shooting. The ‘Mono’ signifies the gun’s singular and solid body design, which is a unique characteristic in the world of shotguns.

The Ljutic Mono Gun was the best-selling luxury trap gun in the United States from the 1960s to the early 1980s. It was known for its durability, balance, and light recoil. 

Being a specialty company, Ljutic focuses its resources on designing and producing guns specifically for trap shooting. The Ljutic Mono Trap Gun is a testament to this focus, embodying the ideal features required for the sport. It has been engineered with a sense of balance and precision, characteristics that have contributed to its repute and demand among top shooters.

The Design and Mechanism of the Ljutic Mono Trap Gun


The Ljutic Mono Trap Gun is characterized by its monolithic receiver design, a singular unit machined from a solid piece of steel. This construction provides excellent durability and stability during shooting, ensuring minimal movement and maximum precision. The gun’s structure further reduces recoil, enabling shooters to maintain their focus and shoot with increased accuracy.

Contributing to its robust design is the gun’s adjustable stock and barrel, making it customizable to the shooter’s comfort and stance. This adjustability proves particularly beneficial during prolonged shooting competitions, where comfort can significantly impact performance. Furthermore, the gun features a free-floating barrel that aids in reducing vibration during shot release.

The Ljutic Mono Trap Gun is also known for its simplicity in design. It uses an inertia firing mechanism that adds to its reliability. This system requires fewer moving parts than other designs, reducing the risk of mechanical failures and ensuring a longer lifespan for the gun.

The Prominence and Performance of the Ljutic Mono Trap Gun

The Ljutic Mono Trap Gun’s prominence in trap shooting circles is primarily due to its exceptional performance. The gun’s design ensures a consistent, accurate shot every time, making it a preferred choice for competitive shooters. Its durability, precision, and adjustability all contribute to its reputation as a top-performing firearm in the world of trap shooting.

The proof of its performance lies in its track record. Numerous national and international trap shooting champions have used the Ljutic Mono Trap Gun, reinforcing its status as a top-tier gun. These accomplished shooters appreciate the gun’s ability to deliver consistent results, even when used in high-pressure competitive situations.

Moreover, the Ljutic Mono Trap Gun is renowned for its longevity. Due to its solid construction and simple design, it can weather heavy use without compromising its performance. This lasting quality is another reason why the gun is so highly regarded among competitive trap shooters.

The Ljutic Mono Trap Gun’s appeal among shooters lies in its ability to provide consistent, high-level performance. Its stable design, reduced recoil, and adjustable features all contribute to a comfortable shooting experience, allowing shooters to focus on their technique rather than the gun.

Shooters also appreciate that the company behind the gun is as dedicated to the sport as they are. Ljutic Industries is known for its high-quality craftsmanship and customer service, which includes personalized fittings and adjustments for each shooter. This commitment to excellence extends beyond the product itself, adding to the overall appeal of the Ljutic Mono Trap Gun.

Finally, the simplicity of the Ljutic Mono Trap Gun is an attractive feature for many shooters. The gun’s easy maintenance and reliability, thanks to its minimal moving parts and robust construction, make it a practical choice for those who demand consistent, long-lasting performance.

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