The Forgotten High Standard Flite King Shotgun

The High Standard Flite King Shotgun has a rich history that goes back to the mid-20th century. The High Standard Manufacturing Company, based in Connecticut, USA, manufactured the firearm between 1955 and 1984, with the Flite King series becoming one of their most successful products. The Flite King shotgun was especially popular among law enforcement, hunters, and sportsmen due to its exceptional performance and reliability.

The Flite King Shotgun gained further fame and reputation when it was prominently featured in several films and television series, often in the hands of action heroes. This media exposure heightened the desirability and mystique of the Flite King, solidifying its status as a legendary firearm. Despite the cessation of its production over three decades ago, the Flite King retains its popularity among collectors and enthusiasts.

The enduring legacy of the High Standard Flite King Shotgun is testament to its superior design and quality. It continues to inspire contemporary shotgun designs, and is revered for its functionality, durability, and iconic status. Its impact on the firearms industry is undeniable, with many contemporary shotguns drawing inspiration from the Flite King.

The High Standard Flite King Shotgun: Craftsmanship and Performance


The High Standard Flite King Shotgun is renowned for its superior craftsmanship. Its design reflects the meticulous attention to detail that the High Standard Manufacturing Company put into their firearms. Made with high-quality materials, it is not only robust and durable but also exhibits a stunning aesthetic appeal.

In terms of performance, the Flite King Shotgun is exemplary. Known for its reliability and accuracy, it offers an incredibly smooth and robust firing experience. Its recoil is manageable, making it an ideal choice for users of varying skill levels, from novices to experienced shooters. Furthermore, it boasts a quick loading and unloading system, contributing to its high performance.

The Flite King Shotgun’s craftsmanship and performance have earned it a coveted spot among the finest shotguns. Its outstanding durability and precision have made it a top choice among enthusiasts for recreational shooting, hunting, and competitive shooting.

Manufacturer: High Standard Manufacturing Company
Production Period: 1954 to the mid-1970s
Type: Pump-action shotgun
Gauge: Available primarily in 12 and 20 gauge
Magazine Capacity: Typically 4+1 rounds
Action: Pump-action with a smooth and reliable cycling mechanism.
Barrel Options: Various barrel lengths were available, including models with ventilated ribs and plain barrels.
Choke Options: Offered in different choke configurations, including improved cylinder, modified, and full.
Stock and Forend: Manufactured with both wood and synthetic options, appealing to different market segments.
Finish: Typically featured a blued finish, though some models had a matte finish for more tactical applications.

Delving into the Features of the High Standard Flite King Shotgun

The High Standard Flite King Shotgun comes packed with several distinctive features that set it apart from other shotguns. Its sleek and compact design makes it easy to handle and maneuver. The shotgun features a solid, well-engineered barrel and a smooth pump-action mechanism, which contribute to its exceptional accuracy and reliability.

One unique feature of the Flite King is its cross-bolt safety, which enhances the security of the firearm. It also has a solid walnut stock and forend, which not only add to its aesthetic appeal but also its durability and resistance to wear and tear. Additionally, the shotgun has a high-capacity magazine, allowing for extended shooting sessions without frequent reloading.

The Flite King’s features contribute to its superior performance and user-friendly nature. They reflect the thoughtfulness and precision that went into the design of the firearm, ensuring a seamless shooting experience for the user.

The High Standard Flite King Shotgun: A User’s Perspective

From a user’s perspective, the High Standard Flite King Shotgun stands out for its exceptional performance and reliability. Its smooth pump-action, manageable recoil, and solid construction make it a pleasure to shoot. The shotgun’s accuracy is lauded by many users, contributing to its popularity among competitive shooters and hunters.

The Flite King’s aesthetic appeal is also a major draw for users. Its well-crafted walnut stock and sleek design are often complimented. Also, the ease of loading and unloading the shotgun, as well as its high-capacity magazine, make it a convenient option for extended shooting sessions.

From a practical standpoint, the Flite King is durable and long-lasting. Users often commend its resistance to wear and tear, even under heavy use. This sturdiness, coupled with its performance and aesthetic appeal, make the Flite King a beloved firearm among users.

The High Standard Flite King Shotgun is, without doubt, a classic. From its rich history and legacy to its superior craftsmanship, performance, and distinctive features, it offers a unique and satisfying experience for users. Its enduring popularity among collectors, enthusiasts, and users alike, is a testament to its status as one of the finest shotguns ever made. As such, the High Standard Flite King Shotgun remains a legendary figure in the firearms industry, a testament to the timeless appeal of high-quality and well-crafted firearms.

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