A Quick Intro to Shotgun Trigger Lock Time

A shotgun’s trigger lock time  (often measured in milliseconds) refers to the delay between pulling the trigger and the firing pin striking the primer. It’s influenced by various factors within the design and mechanics of a shotgun. One key factor is the quality of the trigger mechanism itself. A well-crafted trigger with minimal friction and a crisp break will result in a shorter lock time compared to a lower-quality trigger. Additionally, the weight and design of the hammer and firing pin can also affect trigger lock time. A lighter hammer and firing pin can result in faster lock time as they require less force to release.

Another factor influencing trigger lock time in shotguns is the type of ammunition being used. Different types of shotgun shells have varying primer sensitivity, which can impact the ignition time. Additionally, the cleanliness and maintenance of the shotgun can also play a role in trigger lock time. A dirty or poorly maintained shotgun may have increased friction in the trigger mechanism, leading to a longer lock time.

The overall design of the shotgun, including the length and shape of the trigger pull, can also affect trigger lock time. A shorter and crisper trigger pull can result in a faster lock time compared to a longer and mushier trigger pull. Shooters can work with gunsmiths to customize their shotgun trigger to reduce lock time and improve shooting performance.

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