Tracing the Evolution of Beretta’s Iconic Silverhawk Shotgun

The Beretta Silverhawk Side by Side has left its mark on the history of shooting sports and hunting. It was first introduced by the renowned Italian firearms manufacturer, Beretta, in 1960. Known for their long-standing tradition of producing high-quality firearms, Beretta designed the Silverhawk to meet the needs of hunters and sports shooters who demanded precision, reliability, and quality in their firearms. The Silverhawk quickly gained popularity for its side by side barrel configuration, a design that was once the mainstay of the shooting world but had become less common with the advent of over-under shotguns.

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Top 5 American Vintage Shotguns to Collect

The story of American shotguns starts in the colonial era, with the flintlock fowling pieces used by settlers for hunting and home defense. As technology advanced, so too did the design of shotguns. The mid-19th century saw the introduction of the modern shotgun with the advent of breech-loading mechanisms and later the invention of the pump-action shotgun by Christopher Spencer in 1882. These innovations made shotguns easier to load, shoot, and maintain, leading to their widespread use in hunting, sport, and law enforcement.

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Exploring the Rise of .410 Shotguns in Turkey Hunting

The world of turkey hunting is seeing a surprising trend – the growing popularity of the .410 shotgun. Long considered as a beginner’s or small-game gun, the .410 has seen a new surge of interest amongst turkey hunting enthusiasts as a preferred choice for their hunting expeditions. This article delves into the reasons behind the rising popularity of the .410, its advantages, and practical tips for turkey hunting with this firearm.

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Decoding Skeet: Differences in International vs. American Styles

In the world of shooting sports, skeet shooting is a popular and challenging option. Originating in the early 20th century, this sport involves shooting clay targets launched from two fixed stations in a semicircular arrangement. While skeet shooting shares a common foundation, it has branched into two distinct styles—International Skeet and American Skeet. These disciplines may appear similar to the untrained eye, but subtle differences in rules, techniques, and target speeds set them apart.

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The Ljutic Mono Trap Gun

Founded by Al Ljutic, a former professional boxer turned gunsmith, Ljutic Industries, based in Yakima Washington, has cultivated a legacy of manufacturing top-tier firearms since the mid-20th century. Among their creations, the Ljutic Mono Trap Gun has particularly gained a reputation for being a formidable ally in trap shooting. The ‘Mono’ signifies the gun’s singular and solid body design, which is a unique characteristic in the world of shotguns.

The Ljutic Mono Gun was the best-selling luxury trap gun in the United States from the 1960s to the early 1980s. It was known for its durability, balance, and light recoil. 

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The Artistry & Craftsmanship of Belgian Guild Shotguns

Belgian Guild Shotguns represent a unique blend of Old World artistry and modern functionality. These firearms, built with a history of gunsmithing dating back to the Middle Ages, are revered for their ornate designs, remarkable craftsmanship, and superior performance. Each Belgian Guild Shotgun carries within it a tale of dedication and skill, adding a touch of romanticism to the intrigue of the weapon.

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