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Irwin Greenstein

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As the Chief Executive of Griffin & Howe, Guy Bignell is leading the charge into a new category of extreme sport for the wealthy clients who typically purchase from him their Purdeys, Krieghoffs, Lebeau Courally and William & Son sporting shotguns.

The Baserri Chronicles Part II: New shotgun companies are a rarity these days, and so when one comes along we’re eager to track its progress. That’s the idea behind our series, the Baserri Chronicles. In this second installment, we see how Baserri Shotguns is embarking on a new shotgun for women called the Mari Bella.


That’s the battle cry of hunters pushing through waist high corn and switch grass at the Cheyenne Ridge Signature Lodge in the pheasant heartland of Pierre, South Dakota.

When the dogs flushed pheasants, ROOSTER! bellowed across the autumn fields in a united front to ensure only male Rignecks accounted for our day’s harvest that ultimately reached 178 birds.

We climbed up into the new 400-horsepower Porsche Cayenne S, ready to embark on a mad road trip that would take us deep into the heart of Kentucky bourbon country. The itinerary was ambitious by any measure – eight days, seven posh sporting clays venues, 13 flats of shells, eight bourbon distilleries and a fresh box of Gurkha Evil cigars. Our departure date was September 11th.

The shotgun industry powerhouse, Briley International, is backing newcomer, Baserri Shotguns, with full customer support and a forthcoming line of extended chokes.
Friday, 05 November 2010 06:15

Eye Fatigue: The Clays Shooting Time Bomb

What is the biggest problem Todd Bender sees with 75% of the skeet shooters he coaches?

You might think it’s a shoddy gun mount, an ill-fitting stock or a chronic flinch.

In fact, after 20 years of coaching and dominating competitive skeet shooting, Todd believes that many clays shooters crash and burn from acute eye fatigue.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010 11:29

Details Revealed on Zoli’s New Z-Supersport

Zoli is ready to introduce its second-generation Z-Sport over/under, which will feature a revolutionary weight balancing system, state-of-the-art mechanical trigger and additional refinements that play on the gunmaker’s reputation for dependability.

Question: Who needs it?

Answer: You do (if you qualify).

The question, in fact, arose from our initial reaction to finding the RBL12 Sporting Clays model on the web site of Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company (

The ultimate answer, however, revealed itself after we spent a few weeks shooting this unusual and remarkable side by side.

Written by Irwin Greenstein with the opinions of Lee Brown, Brett Eppard, Jim Freel, Rick Openshaw and Alessandro Vitale

“It’s like a true Italian woman standing in the room, your eyes immediately turn to it on the gun rack,” said Alessandro Vitale of the Benelli Legacy 28, admiring it after he just ran a perfect score of skeet with the 28-gauge semi-auto.

You may want to send a heartfelt letter of gratitude to Mr. Gao Ren, chairman and CEO of China Linen Textile Industry, Ltd., for getting yourself a real deal on a private membership at the River Bend Sportsman’s Resort in Fingerville, South Carolina.

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