Dick Jones

Dick Jones

Dick Jones began competitive shooting in 1976, winning his first practical pistol competition. He began shooting Hunters Pistol in 1979 and became a AAA shooter. He took up High Power Rifle in 1984 and took first Marksman in the state championship that year in his first match shooting an M14 rifle. He became a Master and captained the third place National Trophy Civilian Team in 1988, became a Distinguished Rifleman in 1991, a High Master in 1992, and Presidents Hundred in 1996. He was the 1,000 yard NC Service Rifle Champion in 1988 and 1989 and captained, coached, and fired on the winning service rifle 1,000 yard team those years. He captained and coached multiple national level teams both junior and senior, across the course and long range, from 1984 to 1996 at Camp Perry, Ohio.

He is an NRA Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Certified instructor, a North Carolina Hunter Safety Instructor and certified by the state of North Carolina to teach the Concealed Carry Handgun Certification course.  He is also an award winning outdoor writer and writes for Gun Mag Magazine as a regular contributor as well as writing for other magazines, newspapers and WXII TV.

He and wife Cherie own the Lewis Creek Shooting School. Visit the web site at http://lewiscreekshooting.com.

The porch was long and spacious. There were comfortable chairs and tables along the wall, and a short drop from the porch down to the natural flora of Texas Hill country spread a few dozen yards out to a limestone bluff that overlooked the valley of Joshua Creek. I was leaned back in a chair with a cup of black coffee, watching the morning unfold. Across the valley, I could hear the calls of quail, pheasant roosters, and a couple of hen mallards gossiping, or arguing, or whatever it is they talk about.

Once the press conference is over in Tuscany, Italy and the pretty girl has held up the shotgun while everyone clamors around with a camera, there’s a much more defining moment. It’s the moment when the gun is in your hands, and the arm of the trap is cocked and loaded with the first clay you’ll shoot with it.