Chris Batha

Chris Batha

Chris Batha is considered to be one the highest qualified Shooting Instructors in the world today. He has more than 30 years experience coaching, wingshooting and competition clays shooting and a life-long passion for fine guns.

Mr. Batha conducts Shooting Schools at some of the finest Shooting Facilities in The United States as well as in Great Britain and Europe, averaging 18 different locations each year.

He also organizes instructional and recreational wingshooting trips to the finest destinations in Europe, Africa, South America and the USA.

He is a frequent contributor to leading magazines and is author off the highly acclaimed book “Breaking Clays – Target Tactics, Tips & Techniques.” He is also featured in the DVDs “Take Your Best Shot” and “Mastering the Double Gun” by Sunrise Productions.

For more information about Mr. Batha, please visit his web site at
Wednesday, 02 May 2012 03:51

The Partridge Shooting of La Mancha

Wingshooting has been my lifelong passion and the motivation that has resulted in my occupation which runs the whole gambit of wingshooting worldwide. I have worked for several of the top gunmakers in England and Europe as shooting instructor, gun fitter, gunmaker and sporting agent (outfitter).

It was in late September 2008, at Griffin & Howe's Hudson Farm, that the idea of a "family tree" for a Boswell Shotgun first came about.