Andrew M. Wayment

Andrew M. Wayment

Andrew M. Wayment ("Andy") is an attorney by profession, but an outdoorsmen by passion.  He lives in Idaho Falls, Idaho with his wife, Kristin, six children, and two bird dogs, Sunny, a French Brittany, and Misty, a Brittany.  Andy not only loves to fish and hunt, but loves to write about these endeavors and has published one book and numerous articles on his adventures.  Andy is also a regular contributor to the Upland Ways blog found at

Most grouse hunters are sentimentalists at heart and dream of owning a good side by side, which was the gun of choice for the old timers around the turn of the 20th century. The first half of the 1900s was truly the Golden Age for American side by sides and companies such as Parker Brothers, L.C. Smith, and A.H. Fox were producing some of the finest double guns ever made in our nation’s history. It was a time when industrial efficiency and true craftsmanship were co-equals in the shotgun industry.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011 22:43

Dreamin’ About Bob

No, I’m not talking about Bill Murray’s character in that annoying movie and no, I am not now playing for the other team.  But I am thinking of a gentleman from the prairie: Mr. Bobwhite.