Chief Upland Collaborates with NWTF on Customizable Flydown Collection Turkey Vest

Manitowoc, WI (April 16, 2024) – Chief Upland, in collaboration with Mossy Oak® camouflage and theNational Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), announces its latest innovation for avid turkey hunters – the exclusive NWTF Edition Flydown Collection Turkey Vest System.

This turkey vest system features Chief Upland’s customizable storage system, the iconic Mossy Oak®Original Bottomland® camouflage pattern and the familiar NWTF logo on the shoulder strap. With each purchase, hunters receive a complimentary 1-year NWTF membership (a $35 value), contributing directly to vital conservation efforts.

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Breda America Introduce Two Competition-Ready Shotguns in Time for 3-Gun Season

Easton, Md. (March 2024) – Breda America, a Banshee Brands LLC, brand and renowned Italian manufacturer of firearms, proudly unveils its latest innovations catering to the discerning needs of competitive shooters worldwide. Introducing the Breda B12i/T4 and the Breda B12i/T4 X Competition Grade shotguns, meticulously engineered to elevate performance standards in the realm of 3-gun competitions.

Designed from the ground up as a competition-ready platform, the Breda B12i/T4 boasts unparalleled firing cycle speed, surpassing most factory shotguns on the market. Trusted by elite shooting teams in IPSC competitions across standard and modified divisions, this shotgun delivers exceptional speed, precision, and reliability under pressure.

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Back to Basics with the Orvis Wingshooting School at the Mays Pond Sporting Grounds

Just because a clay target is called a “bird” doesn’t mean it has a brain, wings or instincts. For someone stepping from a skeet field into pheasant field it can be a humbling (and expensive) lesson to learn that the techniques and temperament acquired with clays shooting don’t automatically make us great wingshooters. Sometimes, after a disappointing performance on the prairies of North Dakota or the plantations of South Georgia, have put on our big-boy pants and admit it’s back to school.

Chances are that with a weathered tool bag of clays-shooting skills you’ll only need a tune-up to consistently bringing down those upland game birds – actually, fine-tuning the fundamentals summed up by the instructors as the Orvis Mays Pond Sporting Grounds in Monticello, Florida as “style.”

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ALPS OutdoorZ Introduces the First Hybrid Dog Stand

They give us their all and never complain, so it is understandable that we want to keep our dogs as safe and comfortable in the field as possible. That is why ALPS OutdoorZ, the premiere manufacturer of extreme-duty hunting packs and outdoor gear, developed the industry’s first Hybrid Dog Stand.

Whether you are hunting in a dark flooded marsh, working a dry field, or hunkered knee-deep in reeds, the new Hybrid Dog Stand provides the stable, sure-footed support your dog deserves. Secure it to a tree, free-stand it above the waterline, or set it up in the blind or field for training. With its innovative and adjustable leg supports and integrated cleat-and-ratchet system, the Hybrid Dog Stand is the one-and-done solution for K9 comfort and all-day peak performance.

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The Pointer Side by Side in the Fields of Georgia Quail Country

Shooting a bird gun at clay targets only hints at qualities that will spring to life in the field. On a five-stand, the squad’s rhythm, the advantage of lookers, and those soaring teals and long crossers, don’t truly demonstrate snappy field-gun performance – unless of course you’re thrown lots of rabbit targets. But in the field, when a zig-zagging bird dog bumps a covey, and an explosion of birds unexpectedly stuns your eyeballs, handling and precision, driven by adrenalin and instinct, instantly reveal the shotgun’s true DNA.

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Quail Response to Large-Scale Wildfires in the Texas Panhandle

Quail hunters north of Interstate 40 in the Texas Panhandle enjoyed a good quail season this year. Most of that region had received above average rainfall over the past year, and range conditions were good to excellent. Unfortunately, excellent range conditions in this area also equate to an increased risk of wildfires when red-flag conditions reign, as they did the past 2 days.

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Six Semi-Automatic Sporters for $600 or Less

Turkish-made semi-automatic shotguns have gained in popularity through their rock-bottom prices and wide-spread availability. Just about any gun store in America will have a model or two (or more) that appeals to budget-minded wing and clays enthusiasts, while the online selection seems almost boundless. In addition to routinely getting the job done for diehard shooters, these semi-automatics are often a cost-effective go-to choice for first-time shooters dipping their toe in the water, or as a knock-about when the weather turns foul in the field.

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Benelli Introduces the Montefeltro Ultra Light Shotgun

Accokeek, MD – Nothing compares to a crisp, bluebird autumn day when the birds are plentiful, the dogs are on, and there is always “one more” spot to check just over the horizon. It is days like this for which Benelli’s engineers developed the all-new Montefeltro Ultra Light.

With its shortened barrel — 26-inch for the 12-gauge model and 24-inch for the 20-gauge model — combined with a reduced-length magazine tube and featherweight carbon-fiber stepped rib, the Montefeltro Ultra Light boasts a comfortable 6.3 and 5.3 lbs. for the 12- and 20-gauge versions, respectively. That reduced weight and shorter length translates to effortless shouldering and faster swings on quick-moving birds. Should higher round capacity beyond the standard 4+1 be required, the Montefeltro Ultra Light’s open mag tube can easily be modified with an optional extension.

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Winchester Sub Gauge Shotshells for Upland and Waterfowl Hunting

EAST ALTON, IL — Winchester Ammunition announces expanded offerings in 28 gauge shotshells for upland and waterfowl hunting.

The growing demand for sub gauge hunting loads is an exciting prospect as it provides a softer recoil option for those that may have avoided hunting and sport shooting due to the higher recoil of 12 and 20 gauge shotshells. Winchester is committed to offering innovative shotshell products for every hunting and sport shooting situation.

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