Trulock Makes Affordable Bespoke Chokes for Collegiate Competitors

The four lanes of U.S. Route 84 cut through rural South Georgia. You’ll pass country churches, body shops, gas stations, convenience stores, farms, agricultural equipment dealers, skirt the downtown Cairo (home of the Syrupmakers high-school football team), before reaching Broad Avenue and the town limits of Whigham – population 428 as of the 2020 census. Having driven through the town several times over the years on my way to someplace else, and with Whigham’s total area of 1.2 miles overshadowed by a few blocks of derelict storefronts, you’d think it would be pretty easy to find a business that is still in operation.

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Winchester® Introduces XPERT® High Velocity Steel Shotshell for Teal—Shipping Now!

EAST ALTON, IL (July 1, 2024) — Winchester Ammunition introduces a high velocity steel shotshell for waterfowl hunters that live to hear the buzz of early-season teal.  Available in 12 gauge 2 ¾ inch and 3 inch, XPERT® Teal features high-velocity payloads that provide increased range and allow for shorter leads on fast-flying teal.

XPERT high velocity steel shotshells have long been considered one of the most dependable and consistent performing shotshells among waterfowl hunters.

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Blaser’s F16 Pro Series is a Soft-Shooting Clays Annihilator

Some wise guy once described my clays shooting as “moments of brilliance.” Riding a rollercoaster of inconsistency, my typical great shot is not seeing the target (where is it? hey look up) until the very last opportunity then powdering it three feet from the ground. And of course there’s the catalogue of easy misses, you know, the overhead outgoers, streaking quartering-away targets and those evil rabbits that always seem to bounce just when you pull the trigger.

Then one day, shooting 5-Stand with the crew, smashing one target after another, I heard from down the line “Hey, Irwin, what happened to you?”

Simple answer: the Blaser F16 Pro Series.

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Joshua Creek Ranch Hunting & Sporting Resort in the Texas Hill Country to Celebrate 35th Anniversary! 


Boerne, TX: 

Joshua Creek Ranch, Hunting & Sporting Resort in the Texas Hill Country, is celebrating its 35th Anniversary beginning with the upcoming 2024-2025 hunting season. Since 1990, Joshua Creek Ranch has been dazzling even the most discerning guests from all over the world. Custom itineraries, prime hunting & shooting opportunities, and exceptional outdoor sporting adventures are complemented by luxury resort amenities and warm Texas hospitality, resulting in a truly unique and top-shelf experience for visiting guests.

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Harmony in the Habitat: Quail Forever, Tall Timbers and Federal Agencies Join Forces for Quail Conservation

Quail Forever volunteers are the front line of quail-habitat preservation. Not only do they proudly get their hands dirty when it comes to land restoration, but local chapters harness the power of their community to funnel resources into the national organization in support of conservation through lobbying, education, and relationships with government and non-government agencies, which all get behind the common goal of safeguarding quail through methodical land stewardship. 

Several of Quail Forever’s go-to partners are the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Working Lands for Wildlife (WLFW), Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS), as well as the non-profit organization Tall Timbers. Tall Timbers pioneered prescribed burning to promote healthy quail landscapes, beginning in its own backyard of the legendary bobwhite quail belt called the Red Hills Region that encompasses North Florida and South Georgia.

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NWTF, UGA Establish First-Ever Endowed Wild Turkey Professorship

June 4, 2024, EDGEFIELD, S.C. – Taking its support of wild turkey research into new territory, the NWTF recently established the first-ever National Wild Turkey Federation Distinguished Professor position with the University of Georgia’s Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources.

A prominent professor and researcher will be appointed as the school’s National Wild Turkey Federation Distinguished Professor later this year. That individual will be the recipient of the investment returns of a $500,000 endowment to facilitate wild turkey research endorsed and supported by state wildlife agencies in the years ahead.

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The Fasuti DEA SLX Side by Side is Your Go-To Upland Companion

For most of us, spending $6,000 on a bird gun is no trivial indulgence. You shoulder it, examine it, consider the possibility of owning it, shoulder it again, everything feels right, looks right, you can see yourself owning it, the seduction begins, this flirtatious dance in your mind taking place bounded by the hard financial calculous: is it really worth the money?

The 28-gauge Fasuti DEA SLX side by side certainly made a great first impression towards answering the question. Unboxing the Italian shotgun revealed an emerald-green Negrini hard case with the Fausti logo in gold complemented by three gold-washed combination locks. Popping it open reveals a deeper green plush padding holding in place beige suede guns socks with the Fausti coat of arms protecting the barrel/forend and stock.

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Cole Gunsmithing Announces 12-Gauge Precision Chokes for the Rizzini XL Bore 

Cole Gunsmithing expanded their line of Precision Chokes to include the Rizzini XL Bore in 12 gauge. These new chokes are designed and manufactured for performance shooting. Pass-through efficiency is critical to the reduction of deformed shot. Cole’s utilitarian design and one-step machining process maintains consistent wall thickness that provides efficient and effective shot -pass-through, which results in more pellets on target.

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Ball and Buck Collaborates with Ranger to Launch Exclusive Sporting Clays Collection 

Boston, MA – April 24, 2024 – Ranger, the leading performance shooting eyewear brand, and Ball and Buck, the esteemed purveyor of American-made sporting goods, are thrilled to announce their first collaboration together. This marks a milestone as two Massachusetts-based brands come together to introduce an all-new collection tailored for sporting clays aficionados. The collaboration is set to launch on Thursday, April 18th, 2024, signifying a significant moment in the partnership between two brands united by their shared passion for the sporting clays lifestyle. 

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Longthorne Gunmakers Charts Its Own Course as a Singular British Presence on the Sporting-Clays Tournament Circuit

Iconoclasts play a generous role in shaping historical events through their willingness to challenge and change the status quo. Iconoclasts disrupt the orthodoxy. They create acceptance for innovation and evolution. Even if their ideas fail in the face of resistance, iconoclasts can influence public opinion that ultimately leads to progress in surprising ways, while inspiring others to pursue unconventional paths to new heights of success. 

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