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Shotgun Life is the first online magazine devoted to the great people who participate in the shotgun sports.

Our goal is to provide you with the best coverage in wing and clays shooting. That includes places to shoot, ways to improve your shooting and the latest new products. Everything you need to know about the shotgun sports is a mouse-click away.

That’s because Shotgun Life is your dynamic resource for the most current and useful information as it becomes available. You no longer have to wait months to receive quality articles about the shotgun sports. Instead, our goal is to make Shotgun Life efficient, entertaining and enlightening — giving you the information you need instantly.

At Shotgun Life we are 100% reader focused. If you have ideas for articles or need additional information, please email us at contact@shotgunlife.com and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. If you would like to post a letter to share with our readers, please send it to letters@shotgunlife.com. And if you like what you see at Shotgun Life, please pass along our web-site address to your friends. Just cut and paste www.shotgunlife.com into an email.

Thanks for visiting Shotgun Life. Remember, we are here to serve you.

The Founder

Irwin Greenstein is the founder and publisher of Shotgun Life, a leading online magazine dedicated to shotguns and shooting sports. Shotgun Life covers a range of topics related to shotguns, including shotgun reviews, hunting stories, shooting tips, and interviews with industry experts.

As the founder and publisher of Shotgun Life, Irwin Greenstein has been instrumental in bringing together a community of shotgun enthusiasts and promoting the sport of shooting. With his extensive knowledge of shotguns and the shooting sports, Greenstein has become a respected voice in the industry and is often sought out for his insights and expertise.

Through his work with Shotgun Life, Greenstein has helped to promote the benefits of the shooting sports, including the physical and mental benefits of shooting and the camaraderie that comes with participating in shooting events. He has also been a strong advocate for gun safety and responsible gun ownership.

Overall, Irwin Greenstein’s contributions to the shooting sports community have been significant, and his work with Shotgun Life has helped to educate and inspire a new generation of shotgun enthusiasts.

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