The Fasuti DEA SLX Side by Side is Your Go-To Upland Companion

For most of us, spending $6,000 on a bird gun is no trivial indulgence. You shoulder it, examine it, consider the possibility of owning it, shoulder it again, everything feels right, looks right, you can see yourself owning it, the seduction begins, this flirtatious dance in your mind taking place bounded by the hard financial calculous: is it really worth the money?

The 28-gauge Fasuti DEA SLX side by side certainly made a great first impression towards answering the question. Unboxing the Italian shotgun revealed an emerald-green Negrini hard case with the Fausti logo in gold complemented by three gold-washed combination locks. Popping it open reveals a deeper green plush padding holding in place beige suede guns socks with the Fausti coat of arms protecting the barrel/forend and stock.

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The Ljutic Mono Trap Gun

Founded by Al Ljutic, a former professional boxer turned gunsmith, Ljutic Industries, based in Yakima Washington, has cultivated a legacy of manufacturing top-tier firearms since the mid-20th century. Among their creations, the Ljutic Mono Trap Gun has particularly gained a reputation for being a formidable ally in trap shooting. The ‘Mono’ signifies the gun’s singular and solid body design, which is a unique characteristic in the world of shotguns.

The Ljutic Mono Gun was the best-selling luxury trap gun in the United States from the 1960s to the early 1980s. It was known for its durability, balance, and light recoil. 

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The Artistry & Craftsmanship of Belgian Guild Shotguns

Belgian Guild Shotguns represent a unique blend of Old World artistry and modern functionality. These firearms, built with a history of gunsmithing dating back to the Middle Ages, are revered for their ornate designs, remarkable craftsmanship, and superior performance. Each Belgian Guild Shotgun carries within it a tale of dedication and skill, adding a touch of romanticism to the intrigue of the weapon.

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Are Your Shotgun Barrels 100% Regulated?

Shotgun barrel regulation refers to the process of ensuring that two barrels on a double-barreled shotgun both hit the same point of aim at a certain distance. In simpler terms, it means that both of the barrels shoot to the same point. This is a critical aspect of manufacturing double-barred shotguns as it determines the shotgun’s overall shooting accuracy.

In the manufacturing process, the shotgun barrels are usually soldered together in a way that they converge at the intended range, typically 40 yards for field guns and longer for trap guns. The process of regulation is no easy task; it requires high precision and specialized skills to ensure that both barrels align perfectly. Furthermore, the distance at which the barrels are regulated can vary depending on the shooter’s preference or intended use of the shotgun.

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Cole Gunsmithing Announces 12-Gauge Precision Chokes for the Rizzini XL Bore 

Cole Gunsmithing expanded their line of Precision Chokes to include the Rizzini XL Bore in 12 gauge. These new chokes are designed and manufactured for performance shooting. Pass-through efficiency is critical to the reduction of deformed shot. Cole’s utilitarian design and one-step machining process maintains consistent wall thickness that provides efficient and effective shot -pass-through, which results in more pellets on target.

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Remembering the Poly Choke

Do you remember the Poly Choke? If you’re a seasoned hunter or shooter, the chances are you’ve come across this legendary shotgun choke at some point in your life. The Poly Choke was a game-changer in the world of firearms, offering shooters the ability to quickly adjust the constriction of their shotgun’s barrel to suit different shooting situations.

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The Silver Seitz Trap Gun

The Silver Seitz is a high-end, single-barrel and over-under trap gun that is recognized and lauded by shooting enthusiasts for their precision, performance, reliability and accuracy. The gun is a product of meticulous craftsmanship, designed with a focus on durability, power, balance, and, importantly, shooter comfort.

Each Silver Seitz gun is custom-made, tailored to the shooter’s specific style and preferences. This includes choices in barrel length, stock dimensions, wood grade, and engraving details. The average Silver Seitz gun takes approximately four months to complete. This lengthy process ensures that each piece is not just a gun, but a personalized work of art.

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The Pros and Cons of Cerakote for Shotguns

When it comes to maintaining your shotgun, many options are available to ensure its longevity and improve its appearance. One such option that has gained popularity in recent years is Cerakoting. However, before deciding whether or not to Cerakote your shotgun, it’s crucial to understand the process, weigh the benefits, and consider any potential drawbacks. This article is aimed at providing an analysis of each of these factors to help you make an informed decision.

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