The Legacy of Crescent Firearms Shotguns

Crescent Firearms Company was established in 1888 in Norwich, Connecticut. From the start, Crescent was a leader in producing affordable, reliable shotguns for the American market. Their main claim to fame was their “working man’s” shotgun  — a nod to the average American who needed a reliable weapon for hunting or home defense but couldn’t afford the higher end models. Over the decades, their reputation for quality grew, cementing their place in the American firearms industry.

Crescent Fire Arms was the largest  supplier of shotguns branded by other companies. It is said that Crescent manufactured more than 2.000,000 shotguns using over 450 different names.

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Longthorne Gunmakers Charts Its Own Course as a Singular British Presence on the Sporting-Clays Tournament Circuit

Iconoclasts play a generous role in shaping historical events through their willingness to challenge and change the status quo. Iconoclasts disrupt the orthodoxy. They create acceptance for innovation and evolution. Even if their ideas fail in the face of resistance, iconoclasts can influence public opinion that ultimately leads to progress in surprising ways, while inspiring others to pursue unconventional paths to new heights of success. 

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The Low-Gun Position Basics for Wing and Clays Shooting

The low-gun or ready position is a classic shooting stance honoring the traditions of bird hunting that is also used in sporting clays, FITASC and other clay sports that involve a wide variety of target presentations.

In the low-gun position, the butt of the shotgun is held low, under the armpit, with the barrel pointing slightly under the flight trajectory of the target. This position allows for greater flexibility and mobility, essential in situations where targets can come from any direction and at any speed. The low-gun stance also requires quick reflexes and sharp eyes, as the gun needs to be shouldered and fired in a measured, fluid motion.

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Chief Upland Collaborates with NWTF on Customizable Flydown Collection Turkey Vest

Manitowoc, WI (April 16, 2024) – Chief Upland, in collaboration with Mossy Oak® camouflage and theNational Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), announces its latest innovation for avid turkey hunters – the exclusive NWTF Edition Flydown Collection Turkey Vest System.

This turkey vest system features Chief Upland’s customizable storage system, the iconic Mossy Oak®Original Bottomland® camouflage pattern and the familiar NWTF logo on the shoulder strap. With each purchase, hunters receive a complimentary 1-year NWTF membership (a $35 value), contributing directly to vital conservation efforts.

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Big Bend Blues: Chasing Quail Through the Desert With a 1-Year Old Puppy

An electrifying jolt shot through my leg like a bolt of lighting, and yet the air still crackled with dryness. We yearned for a storm to soften the West Texas elements, but more immediately a four-inch cactus spine lodged in my blood-soaked pant leg stung like crazy. It was the first of many of this wasteland’s formidable defenses. The spine that had pierced deep enough also penetrated my psyche otherwise preoccupied with the pervasive silence only broken by loose desert rocks trodden by weathered boots and the paws of a single-minded puppy.

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