The Knockdown Power of Waterfowl Duplex Shotgun Loads

Waterfowl Duplex Shotgun Loads, often referred to as duplex loads, are a type of shotgun shell designed to facilitate effective waterfowl hunting. They consist of two or more different sizes of shot layered or mixed together within the same shell. This combination allows the shooter to benefit from the characteristics of both shot sizes simultaneously. Typically, the larger shot is used to maintain lethal energy at longer ranges, while the smaller shot provides a denser pattern for close-range shooting.

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Are Shotgun Palm Swells Worth the Hype?

Shotgun palm swells have long been a topic of debate among shooters. Some swear by them, claiming they improve their accuracy and control, while others argue that they have little to no effect on shooting performance.

Proponents of palm swells argue that they provide a more ergonomic grip, allowing for better control and shot placement. The larger grip surface area can help to distribute recoil more evenly, reducing felt recoil and allowing for quicker follow-up shots. Additionally, some shooters find that the palm swell fills the hand more completely, resulting in a more secure and stable grip on the shotgun.

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Breda America Introduce Two Competition-Ready Shotguns in Time for 3-Gun Season

Easton, Md. (March 2024) – Breda America, a Banshee Brands LLC, brand and renowned Italian manufacturer of firearms, proudly unveils its latest innovations catering to the discerning needs of competitive shooters worldwide. Introducing the Breda B12i/T4 and the Breda B12i/T4 X Competition Grade shotguns, meticulously engineered to elevate performance standards in the realm of 3-gun competitions.

Designed from the ground up as a competition-ready platform, the Breda B12i/T4 boasts unparalleled firing cycle speed, surpassing most factory shotguns on the market. Trusted by elite shooting teams in IPSC competitions across standard and modified divisions, this shotgun delivers exceptional speed, precision, and reliability under pressure.

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Back to Basics with the Orvis Wingshooting School at the Mays Pond Sporting Grounds

Just because a clay target is called a “bird” doesn’t mean it has a brain, wings or instincts. For someone stepping from a skeet field into pheasant field it can be a humbling (and expensive) lesson to learn that the techniques and temperament acquired with clays shooting don’t automatically make us great wingshooters. Sometimes, after a disappointing performance on the prairies of North Dakota or the plantations of South Georgia, have put on our big-boy pants and admit it’s back to school.

Chances are that with a weathered tool bag of clays-shooting skills you’ll only need a tune-up to consistently bringing down those upland game birds – actually, fine-tuning the fundamentals summed up by the instructors as the Orvis Mays Pond Sporting Grounds in Monticello, Florida as “style.”

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The Legacy of Hunter Arms Shotguns

In the late 19th century, the small town of Fulton, New York, became the birthplace of Hunter Arms Company. Created by a pair of ambitious individuals, John and Andrew Hunter, the company started its operation in a modest foundry. The brothers’ vision was to craft a line of shotguns that would be unrivaled in quality and craftsmanship, making the name “Hunter Arms” synonymous with excellence in the field of firearm manufacturing.

By the late 1930s Hunter Arms’ survival was in question. It filed for bankruptcy as World War II was coming to an end. The business was subsequently sold to Marlin Firearms in 1945, and management ran it as the L. C. Smith Gun Company. By 1950 the Fulton plant was closed and the L.C. Smith Gun Company was fully integrated into the Marlin factory in Connecticut.

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Choosing the Perfect Clays-Shooting Instructor for You

Before you start your search for a clays-shooting instructor, it’s important to identify your goals and expectations. Are you looking to get started with clays-shooting as a beginner? Or are you an experienced shooter looking to improve your skills or compete at a higher level? Establishing your goals will help you find an instructor who specializes in your area of interest and can provide the targeted coaching you need.

Consider your learning style and what type of instruction you respond to best. Some people prefer a more hands-on approach, while others might benefit from a more theoretical style of teaching. Understanding your personal needs can help you choose an instructor who is best suited to your style of learning.

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A Brief Explanation of Shot Strings

Shot strings refer to the formation and spread of the pellets after they are fired from the shotgun. When a shotgun is fired, multiple pellets are propelled in a cluster, with the formation and spacing of these pellets forming the shot string. The concept of shot string is crucial in shotgun shooting as it influences the shooting pattern and the subsequent damage on the target.

The length and spread of the shot string can depend on several factors. These include the type of shotgun used, the kind of ammunition, and the barrel choke. Moreover, external factors such as wind speed and direction, the distance to the target, and even the shooter’s technique can drastically affect the shot string. Therefore, understanding these variables is key for any shooter looking to enhance their shotgun performance.

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How to Shoot the Different Sizes of Clay Targets

When it comes to clay pigeon shooting, one of the critical components that can affect your performance is the size of the clay targets. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned shooter, understanding the different sizes of clay targets can make a significant difference in honing your shooting skills and your overall shooting experience. Let’s embark on a journey to learn about the various clay target sizes, how they impact shooting techniques and their role in competitive shooting.

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The Important Aspects of Shotgun Fit

To both novice and experienced shooters alike, the fit of a shotgun is paramount to accuracy, comfort, and safety, and can greatly impact the overall shooting experience. Whether for game shooting or clay pigeon shooting, a well-fitted shotgun can be the difference between successful shooting and missing your target. This article aims to delve deep into the importance of proper shotgun fit, the basics of shotgun fit, how to achieve the perfect shotgun fit, and potential issues with an improper shotgun fit.

A shotgun that fits properly will feel comfortable, natural, and almost an extension of your body. Essentially, it becomes a part of you, ensuring accuracy and control. The way a shotgun fits your body can have a significant impact on your shooting performance. It affects how quickly you can shoulder the gun, acquire the target, and fire accurately; all of which are crucial elements in clay shooting or hunting.

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Revealing the Impact of the Anson & Deeley Hammerless Gun

The world of firearm technology has seen numerous revolutionizing inventions, but few have stood the test of time as firmly as the Anson & Deeley hammerless gun. First introduced in the late 19th century, this innovative firearm has made a significant impact on both firearm design and usage, shaping the trajectory of firearm technology. In this article, we delve into the intricate design, revolutionary contributions, historical significance, and functionality of the Anson & Deeley hammerless gun.

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