The Winchester Model 97 Shotgun

Few firearms have managed to carve out a place in American history quite like the Winchester Model 97. From police raids to Hollywood films, this legendary shotgun has made its mark as a symbol of reliable and rugged firepower. With a rich history and unique mechanism, the Winchester Model 97 continues to be revered by gun enthusiasts and collectors around the world. In this article, we delve into the legacy of the Winchester Model 97, its historical significance, the mechanism behind its operation, and its enduring influence in modern times.

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Hodgdon Releases the 2024 Hodgdon Annual Manual 

Hodgdon Powder Company, The Gunpowder People®, is pleased to announce the release of the 2024 Hodgdon Annual Manual, the 21rst annual edition. 

This manual features data for Hodgdon, Accurate Powder®, IMR®, Ramshot® and Winchester® Smokeless Propellants. In total, more than 6,000 loads are represented in this title, with updates for more than 70 rifle and pistol cartridges and more than 1,000 shotshell loads. Along with comprehensive load data, the 2024 Hodgdon Annual Manual offers authoritative articles by leading firearms industry writers, working with the editors of Shooting Times magazine.

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Cowboy Bird Dogs: One Man’s Alternative

In my late teens, my friends abandoned me during hunting season. Eventually they swayed me to try hunting. I’m glad I shot my first deer and had some fun with rabbits and squirrels, but these activities didn’t exactly pry me away from trout streams and BMX. Then one fateful day I went sage grouse hunting and bird fever struck, hard. This was different, dynamic, and I wanted more. Look out birds.

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Exploring the Craftsmanship Behind Fabbri Shotguns

In the world of high-end firearms, Fabbri Shotguns stand out as a testament to the seamless blend of traditional Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. These bespoke shotguns are world-renowned for their precision, performance, and exquisite design. This article delves into the intricate processes behind the creation of these masterpieces, their distinctive features, and the influence they have exerted on the global firearm market.

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The Importance of a Well-Balanced Shotgun

The art of shooting sports goes beyond just pointing and firing. It requires a mastery of different techniques, none of which can be achieved without the right equipment. The shotgun, being the primary tool of the trade, plays a significant role in the overall shooting experience. Central to this discussion is the concept of a well-balanced shotgun, a subject of keen interest to both novices and seasoned shooters. The balance of a shotgun can make or break a shooting session, impacting both accuracy and comfort. This article explores the importance of a well-balanced shotgun in enhancing your shooting performance.

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Understanding the Differences Between an Upland Field Gun vs. Clays-Shooting Sporting Gun

Decoding the Distinction: Upland Field Gun vs. Clays Shooting Sporting Gun Excerpt: When it comes to shotguns, discerning enthusiasts often grapple with the contrasting realms of upland field shooting and clays sports. Understanding the disparities between an upland field gun and a clays shooting sporting gun is crucial to optimizing performance in each specialized discipline. Join us on an investigative journey as we unravel the nuances that set these two shotgun categories apart, and explore the implications for enthusiasts seeking precision in their shooting pursuits.

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The Browning Sweet 16

In the world of shotguns, few models can claim the iconic status achieved by the 16-gauge Browning Sweet 16 semi-automatic shotgun. A legendary firearm that has withstood the test of time, the reintroduced Browning A5 16-gauge from 2016 retains its classic silhouette but, inside, a new inertia-driven operating system allows the gun to cycle much more quickly and efficiently than its predecessor. This classic shotgun combines the elegance of a bygone era with the innovative features of modern technology, making it a must-have for both collectors and shooters alike. Let’s dive into the rich history and impressive features of the Browning Sweet 16 Shotgun.

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Gas Powered vs. Inertia-Powered Semi-Automatic Shotguns

The world of semi-automatic shotguns is filled with options, each boasting unique features and advantages. Among the various types, two popular contenders dominate the scene: gas-powered and inertia-powered semi-automatic shotguns. Both have their own loyal followings, but when it comes to choosing the perfect shotgun, it’s essential to understand the nuances and differences between the two. In this article, we delve into the battle between gas and inertia-powered semi-automatic shotguns, exploring their distinct characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses.

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