With a New Shell Shortage in Argentina, Timing Your Trip is More Important Than Ever

I had a very interesting conversation with someone I trust to tell me the truth about Argentina. What he told me has also been verified by another outfitter in another area of Argentina. Although outfitters have changed locations to find the doves that are not nearly as concentrated in the Cordoba area as they once were, moving has not solved all of the problems that exist with dove shooting there. I will explain why I emphasize “dove shooting” in a moment. 

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All About Shotgun Recoil Pads

Shotgun shooting can be a thrilling and rewarding experience, but it often comes with a drawback: recoil. The powerful recoil produced by shotguns can result in discomfort, pain, and even injuries. Fortunately, shotgun recoil pads provide a solution to this problem. These pads not only enhance comfort but also improve control and stability while shooting.

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Steelhead Introduces Size 32 Gun Safes in Rustic Nomad & Recon Tactical Families

Leading the way in firearm safety and protection, Steelhead Outdoors announces the expansion of its premium modular gun safe series with two new offerings in the popular 32 size. The Rustic Nomad 32 and the Recon 32 are built to provide security, versatility and American-made quality for hunters, shooters, and firearm collectors.

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The Parker Shotgun

In the quaint town of Meriden, Connecticut, a masterpiece was being crafted. It was the late 1800s, and the Parker Brothers were revolutionizing the world of shotguns. With precision and passion, they meticulously honed their craft, giving birth to the legendary Parker Shotgun.

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The Causes of Shotgun Flinching

Shotgun flinching, a phenomenon that affects many shooters, is a perplexing and frustrating occurrence. Whether it’s a seasoned hunter or a novice shooter, the anticipation of recoil often causes an involuntary jerking motion, resulting in missed shots and diminished accuracy.

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