The Secrets to Pest Pigeon Shooting

One of shotgunning’s most underutilized live resources is the pest pigeon population. Generally pest pigeon shooting here in the USA has little resemblance to the woodpigeon shooting that is so popular in the British Isles. In England woodpigeons are usually decoyed, and you hire a guide who has the birds scouted, the land owner’s permission to hunt, and all the equipment so that clients can enjoy great sport.

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Ithaca Reveals the 75th Anniversary Model 37 Limited Edition

The clock is ticking to buy one of only 200 Ithaca Model 37 pumps custom built to commemorate the American icon’s 75th anniversary.

The newly minted 75th Anniversary Model 37 exemplifies Ithaca’s limited-edition tribute shotguns released during the remainder of the year, including the rare Larrabee, which honors the Sousa-grade Knickerbocker trap guns introduced in 1922 with approximately 11 new, exquisite replicas.

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The American Dream – Keep It Alive

When we first opened Joshua Creek Ranch for hunting and sporting clays, I was very cautious about the terms used to describe our business, using words like “game preserve” and “harvesting game” to soften the impact on anyone who might be offended by wingshooting or deer hunting.  When asked what kind of work I did, I preferred to lead with the fact that at JCR we shoot clay targets rather than jumping right in with the truth that the primary targets around here are birds and deer.  The last thing I wanted was to be confronted by anti-gun or anti-hunting activists.  Even when I was confronted, I’d listen politely, reply with something like “to each his own,” and escape the scene as quickly as I could.  I always avoided situations that might erupt in confrontation if I started delivering volumes of facts and figures about the valuable effects of hunters on wildlife populations and their habitat, or about the positive impact on crime rates when citizens own guns.  I was too kind, not wanting to offend anyone; after all, they had a right to their own opinion.  I was one of many naïve people who thought that the freedoms we enjoy in America weren’t endangered and couldn’t possibly be lost, at least not in my lifetime.

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The wrath of the duck gods, or how to avoid wrecking a hunt

Duck season approacheth in my neck of the woods, and that means it’s time to remember the three immutable rules of the duck gods:

1. Don’t be a snob. I think my friend and hunting guide Jason Adversalo expressed this principle the most clearly: “Someone’s got to kill a spoonie. Until someone kills a spoonie, we’re not going to have a good hunt.”

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