The New Bosis Titanium Shotgun

Bespoke shotguns manufactured by Luciano Bosis are coveted for their brilliance, elegance and breathtaking engraving. From his modest workshop at 32 Via G. Marconi in the fabled Brescia region of Italy, Mr. Bosis produces approximately 30 hand-made guns per year whose names Michelangelo, Laura, Wild and Queen cast a reverie over sportsmen and collectors.

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The Partridge Shooting of La Mancha

Wingshooting has been my lifelong passion and the motivation that has resulted in my occupation which runs the whole gambit of wingshooting worldwide. I have worked for several of the top gunmakers in England and Europe as shooting instructor, gun fitter, gunmaker and sporting agent (outfitter).

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So What’s a Hunting Resort To Do After Hunting Season Ends?

As the co-founder and president of a hunting resort with 22 upland bird and deer hunting seasons under my belt, this question should be easy to answer, right?  And when answered literally, the solution really is quite simple….when hunting season ends, you work to prepare for the next hunting season.  That’s it, that’s the primary off-season objective. This easy answer works especially well if you’ve got a reliable source of funding to cover all the expenses associated with the six months “off-season.”

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Five Things You Need to Know When Teaching a Woman How to Shoot a Shotgun

Learning to shoot and hunt at the age of 41 was such a revelation to me that I find myself constantly offering to help other women get into the shooting sports. Often, all it takes is the mere mention that I hunt to pique other women’s interest. Over and over, I’ve watched their eyes light up as the mental calculation leads them to the obvious: “If she can do it, I can do it too.”

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