New Gun

I have a Remington 870.  I love that gun. It’s a work horse and it’s especially great for hunting sea ducks. With its synthetic stock and the non-corrosive coating on the barrel, I can take it right from the ocean to my bathtub and wash off all of the salt. My wife is especially happy when I do that.

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The Rest of Us

The shotgunning websites and magazines are full of stories about the pros and lots of “How Tos” from instructors.

I can read all about a pro’s experiences or how a top-notch instructor recommends approaching a particular target.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with any of this, it’s valuable information that I read and use everyday.

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Ithaca’s 28-Gauge Pump Takes On 3-Bird Sporting Clays

Exactly how fast is the Ithaca Model 37 pump in 28 gauge?

We decided to find out by taking the shotgun to a 3-bird sporting clays event held at Central Penn Sporting Clays in Wellsville, Pennsylvania. In a 3-bird shoot, three targets are thrown simultaneously – certainly daunting for any experienced shotgunner handling a 12-gauge semi-auto. But we showed up with a highly coveted 28-gauge Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight pump. The shotgun was a Fancy A Grade, with walnut that appeared higher grade.

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Sporting Clays on the Bourbon Trail: Part VI, The Inn on Biltmore Estate

Blackberry Farm receded at a brisk clip as I drove the Porsche Cayenne S west along the Lamar Alexander Parkway through Tennesse’s Great Smoky Mountains toward our next destination – The Inn on the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.

The Lamar Alexendar Parkway presented a superb stretch of American highway. The Great Smoky Mountains bestowed a warm, benevolent morning with the radio tuned to satellite-radio XM 14, Bluegrass Junction, regaling us through 14-speaker surround sound.

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Exclusive: First Peek at New Caesar Guerini Shotguns

Caesar Guerini has a number of new shotguns, a few introduced very late in 2010, while some really new ones are just arriving in the USA from Italy. Further, I think there may be some very big news coming from this company, but right now “mum” is the figurative word on that subject. So stay posted.

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