Sporting Clays on the Bourbon Trail: Part I, Nemacolin

We climbed up into the new 400-horsepower Porsche Cayenne S, ready to embark on a mad road trip that would take us deep into the heart of Kentucky bourbon country. The itinerary was ambitious by any measure – eight days, seven posh sporting clays venues, 13 flats of shells, eight bourbon distilleries and a fresh box of Gurkha Evil cigars. Our departure date was September 11th.

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Briley Backs the New Baserri Shotguns With Warranty Work and Line of Chokes

[caption id="attachment_1689" align="alignnone" width=""]The Baserri Chronicles Part I: New shotgun companies are a rarity these days, and so when one comes along we’re eager to track its progress. That’s the idea behind our series, the Baserri Chronicles. In this first installment, we see how Baserri Shotguns forged a key relationship with Briley International.[/caption]The shotgun industry powerhouse, Briley International, is backing newcomer, Baserri Shotguns, with full customer support and a forthcoming line of extended chokes.

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Eye Fatigue: The Clays Shooting Time Bomb

What is the biggest problem Todd Bender sees with 75% of the skeet shooters he coaches?

You might think it’s a shoddy gun mount, an ill-fitting stock or a chronic flinch.

In fact, after 20 years of coaching and dominating competitive skeet shooting, Todd believes that many clays shooters crash and burn from acute eye fatigue.

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