Book Review: Giancarlo & Stefano Pedretti – Master Engravers

Giancarlo & Stefano Pedretti – Master Engravers is the third book in a series on Italy’s most prestigious and venerated engravers. The book contains 256 pages of text and sumptuous full-color plates in an oversized hardcover format. The first Master Engraving volume featured the work of Gianfranco Pedersoli; the second, the art of Firmo and Francesca Fracassi.

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Peer Review: The Benelli Legacy 28 Semi-Auto Upland Gun

Written by Irwin Greenstein with the opinions of Lee Brown, Brett Eppard, Jim Freel, Rick Openshaw and Alessandro Vitale

“It’s like a true Italian woman standing in the room, your eyes immediately turn to it on the gun rack,” said Alessandro Vitale of the Benelli Legacy 28, admiring it after he just ran a perfect score of skeet with the 28-gauge semi-auto.

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